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Affiliate Cash Snipers

Affiliate Cash Snipers is a 3-in-1 software suite that makes it point-and-click simple to tap into the literally billions of dollars in sales that the top Internet retailers rake in every year.

Unlike most Internet marketing ‘make money online’ products, Affiliate Cash Snipers focuses on retail markets and helps you make money as an affiliate of some of the top companies in the world.

The key is breakthrough software technology that lets affiliates put the “shopping” features of the Internet’s largest retail companies right into the affiliate’s own web pages. The software creates a widget you can place on your site that lets visitors search for product from top retailers right on your site.

They show the research that proves people love to use widgets like that to search and buy.

Imagine have a little shopping widget appear on your web page, just begging for visitors to click it and tell you exactly what they want to buy from massive companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more.

The income potential is huge, but most affiliate are completely missing it, because old affiliate marketing techniques simply DON’T WORK WELL for this market.

Affiliate Cash Snipers solves that problem by making it easy to grab shoppers (the key) and send them straight to what they want to buy from the best known retailers on the Internet.

It is a very unique product with a focus on big name retail. And because it’s software much of what you need to do is automated and simple. One of the big strengths of Affiliate Cash Snipers is that you’re just helping people find stuff they already want to buy instead of trying to convince people to buy something they don’t know they need.

The big companies do the advertising and promotion to get people interested in buying, and you just help them find where to buy and get paid commissions.

Great product with a unique angle on the market.

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Income Hybrid

Income Hybrid is a software product that helps you generate traffic and convert that traffic into commissions.

Income Hybrid is very easy to use and sets up in seconds. It will help you to build traffic to your newly created websites to boost them in the search engine rankings and will help you to convert more of the website visitors to buyers. This is especially great for newer internet marketers who are not that experienced with SEO and traffic generation.

Income Hybrid comes with a lot of tutorials and step by step instructions for how to get the most out of the software.

Let’s look at some of the components of Income Hybrid Software:

• Auto – Responder Integration – This is the most important component of the software as it updates the email autoresponder contact list as soon as the new person subscribes or purchases your product. This makes your work load much less. A major part of the work load is adding a new contact which is automatically done by this auto-responder integration.

• Long Tail Keywords For SEO – SEO is really an important part for the promotion of a website as it helps a lot taking it to the top of Google page 1. Income Hybrid has a SEP management system which makes the task of boosting your site in the SERPS a lot easier.

• Customizable Facebook Pages – Want to create Facebook Pages in a matter of hours? This is where the usefulness of Income Hybrid really comes in. In this, you will get already designed templates which you can use to build fan pages, quickly and easily. Not only this, you can also design your own template for a particular niche.

• RSS Feeds – This makes it really easy to convert visitors to the buyers. Income Hybrid, automatically ads different website feeds like from ebay, click bank, etc to your social networking site pages. This is also great for getting your sites ranked and building backlinks.

It takes a lot of time for people to promote their newly built website. Getting traffic is the #1 challenge most marketers and website owners face and Income Hybrid helps to solve it.

Income Hybrid is a solid product that can save you lots of hours of marketing time. While some experienced marketers will find little use for it, it will be especially useful for newbies who are not very savvy with the technical sides of marketing yet.

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Clickbank Code

The Clickbank Code is the latest product by Michael Jones. He used it to earn $48,000 in his first 4 weeks. This product consists of easy to understand videos that explain in a gradual manner his method of making money with Clickbank and how you can copy exactly what he shows to get similar results.

This is a comprehensive 28 video, 5 hour long tutorial that will show you step-by-step how to generate a lot of income from Clickbank very quickly and consistently. The Click Bank Code is totally based on the strategies that Michael used to generate over $10,000 in his very first week with Clickbank.

Michael also says that the detailed strategies contained in this course have never been talked about before and it’s these methods that have enabled Michael to earn big money in such short space of time.

In the course you will learn the website (secret) where you’ll find the best most profitable Clickbank products to promote. The steps that you can take to leave the affiliate crowd behind. The strategies that you can implement to start making money almost instantly.

You will also learn how to pick a product. According to Michael a product must have 2 things before you start promoting it. You will get the exact information that Michael used to decide which products he wanted to promote. Why the keywords with too many words in it are not a good idea to use. The 16 things that your websites need to have in order to get a great quality score for cheap clicks. The videos show you how to avoid getting the Google Slap or if you get one how to come back fast. The video tutorials consist of these modules.

Module 1: This provides the basic Clickbank and affiliate marketing knowledge for new affiliates.

Video 1: General introduction to Clickbank Code
Video 2: Introduction to Clickbank
Video 3: The 3 most important steps for affiliate marketers
Video 4: Explanation of affiliate marketing terms and lingo
Video 5: Introduction to the Clickbank products selection process
Video 6: Choosing winning products, intro to keyword research

Module 2: Module 2 is about how to perform keyword research

Video 1: Performing keyword research
Video 2: Keyword analysis and selection

Module 3: Shows you how to create a website

Video 1: Overview of website creation process
Video 2: Choosing and registering a domain
Video 3: Choosing a hosting service
Video 4: Landing page creation
Video 5: Website landscape
Video 6: Testing your site

Module 4: Teaches about AdWords

Video 1: Overview of AdWords
Video 2: Knowing when to cut your losses
Video 3: Finding your winners and maximizing profit
Video 4: Solutions for common AdWords problems

Module 5: Contains information on article marketing

Video 1: Overview of article marketing
Video 2: Article research
Video 3: Writing tips
Video 4: Promoting your article

Module 6: You learn how to get free traffic

Video 1: Overview of module
Video 2: Comparison of SEO & PPC
Video 3: Benefits of merging SEO & PPC
Video 4: Finding related forums
Video 5: Forum marketing
Video 6: Effective forum marketing

The videos provide detailed information that new affiliates can use to make profits from their websites.

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Product Creation Tips – Affiliate Links In Ebooks

If you’re a product creator, you’ve probably thought about putting affiliate links in your ebooks. This article is going to discuss this practice and offer some advice on the subject. I think you will find this information useful.

Let me start off by saying that there are definite pros and cons to putting affiliate links in your ebooks. I know you’re probably scratching your head wondering what could be bad about putting a link in an eBook that helps make us money. Well, consider this.

Your eBook is passing yourself off as an authority on a certain subject. That is, after all, why you wrote it. You know the subject better than anybody. So doesn’t it seem a little odd that inside this book, one that’s supposed to answer all the customer’s questions, has got a link to somebody else’s product? If you’re the expert, why isn’t the link going to one of YOUR products? Don’t you have something similar that is just as good, if not better than whatever that affiliate link is pointing to? Think about it.

Okay, let’s move on to what’s good about affiliate links in ebooks. They provide us an income off of a product that WE don’t have to support. The product creator supports that sale. So this is pretty much found money for us without much effort. However, if you’re going to splash affiliate links throughout your ebook, there are some things you’re going to want to do.

At the top of the list is what I call subtlety. You don’t want to hit prospects over the head with these links. You don’t want large neon signs pointing to each one. You want to mention these links in passing mixed in with the actual content you’ve written. If that method doesn’t work for you, you can simply list some resources in the appendix with your affiliate links sprinkled throughout. Whatever you do, you want to be subtle. Remember, you’ve already sold these people YOUR ebook. You don’t want to come off as selling again.

Beyond subtlety, you don’t want to have so many affiliate links in your eBook that it looks like a classified ad section. A few links throughout is fine. Again, you’ve already sold these people. You don’t want to make it look like you’re trying to soak every last dime out of them.

There is no question that affiliate links in ebooks can bring you a significant income. Just make sure that you use them wisely.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Limitations Of This Model

It’s rare that I will just flat out criticize a marketing model, which is not what I’m doing here, but if you’re an affiliate marketer or are thinking of becoming one, you need to know the limitations of this model. I’m not saying that you can’t make decent money with it, but it does have its limitations and you need to be aware of them. That way, at least you can go into this with both eyes open and a sense of reality.

Okay, so what are these limitations that I’m talking about? Well, for one thing, there is control over the process. Sure, you can choose any marketing method you like and even choose what product you promote. But regardless of what that product is, YOU are at the mercy of the product creator when it comes to price, commission structure, sales page, customer service and a number of other things.

All of this is out of your control. If the price changes, more to the point, drops, then that means you either promote it for less commission or you promote something else. If the sales page changes and that change affects conversions, again, you suffer…and so on. All those things are out of your control.

Then of course there is the competition factor. When you’re promoting your OWN product or service, any other affiliates out there promoting YOUR product are making money for YOU. When you’re promoting an affiliate product, all the other affiliates out there promoting that SAME product are making money for the product creator. They are YOUR competition. So it’s a completely different world promoting your own product. There are more opportunities to earn, unless of course you’re promoting MANY affiliate products. But then that means more work for you.

So as you can see, there are some serious limitations to promoting somebody else’s product. Naturally, on the plus side, you don’t have the hassle of product creation, which some people couldn’t do if they wanted to, and you don’t have to worry about support after the sale. That’s all in the lap of the product creator. And, you do have your choice of literally hundreds of thousands of products…some with some very hefty price tags.

As I said, you can make good money as an affiliate marketer, but it has its limitations and in many ways is harder than creating your own products. However, if you understand this going in, you’ll have a decent chance of NOT getting discouraged and may actually make a success out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Product Creation Tips – One Product Or Many?

A question that many product creators ask is this. “Should I create one product or many products?” That’s actually a very good question, and there are pros and cons to both models. But more importantly than the pros and cons there is the need. Do you really NEED to create more than one product? After all, if you could make a million dollars a year off of just one product, why bother creating others? Well, let’s take a look at this issue and see what we come up with.

Let me start off by saying that I create many products. The reason, however, is not the same reason that most people create many products. See, many product creators create more than one product because the life span of each product they create is limited, meaning that it will sell for a certain length of time and then, after a while, will either stop selling or sell so little that they have to come up with something else. I, on the other hand, create many products because I provide info for a number of different niches and/or sub niches. It’s called going wide rather than going deep, which I do as well. I guess you can say I am quite diversified.

So the question is, what do YOU want to do? More importantly, what do you NEED to do to continue to earn a consistent income? Well, if you’re somebody like the guy who created the product “Magic Of Making Up”, which happens to be in the relationships niche, you probably don’t have to create anything else to keep making a steady income. That product is near the top of the Clickbank marketplace, has tons of affiliates promoting it, and I am sure is making the author a very nice living. More importantly, relationship products are evergreen. People are ALWAYS going to need help with relationships. So the product should always sell. If you have something like THAT…then you really don’t need to create anything else, not that you can’t.

But if you have the latest “make money online” eBook based on some new tactic using some obscure social networking site, then odds are that one day that method will become saturated or just not bright and shiny new anymore and sales for the product will slow to a trickle. In the case of products like that, you will probably have to come up with something new if you’re going to stay in that niche. Products like that are NOT evergreen. They’re good for a short run, will usually make you good money during that time, but eventually, they die out.

Look at a company like Aweber. They’re an autoresponder service. Do you really think that the owner has to create anything else other than that service? I can only imagine how many customers he has. That’s a perfect example of an evergreen product. People will ALWAYS need an autoresponder service if they’re going to build a mailing list.

So you need to look at what it is you’re doing and realistically determine if the product you’re going to create or have created is one that can sell for a life time or at least close to it. If not, then you might want to consider creating other products now or down the road.

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Product Creation Tips – Delayed Delivery Products

A lot of people are under the impression that if you create a product, it has to be completely finished before you can release it to the public. While this is the norm, it doesn’t have to always apply. In this article, I’m going to give you an example of a product that can actually be finished long after the initial sale, using one of my own products as an example. I think you will get a lot out of this article.

Just recently, I released my first big product in about three years. The main part of the product, which customers got upon delivery, was a six volume PDF set. However, there was more to the product than just the PDFs. There are a series of videos that are going to be released over the course of the next six months. This was actually the main selling point of the product as many of the videos will be custom made to the customers’ requests.

Okay, there are pros and cons to this kind of product creation model and I will go over them both here. You need to be aware of these before you jump into this kind of product creation model. Yes, there is a downside that many people don’t think about. They only concentrate on the positives. This can be a recipe for disaster.

The pros are obvious as the day is long. By releasing a product where you have weeks or even months to complete it before final delivery, or in the case of my product, staggered delivery, you can take your time with the product. You don’t have to kill yourself to get it done. This actually makes it so that you can concentrate on making the best product possible because of the fact that you don’t have to rush through it.

However, there is a major downside to this…something most people don’t want to think about. What if something, God forbid, happens to you and you can’t complete the product? Your customers have already paid for it and are going to be more than just a little upset that they’re not going to get complete delivery, if they got any delivery at all depending upon how much of the product you initially got done. In the back of my mind, I know I have to keep myself alive and well for at least the next six months. Now, while I’m no old man at 53, let’s face it…stuff happens. I could get hit by a truck tomorrow.

So before you consider creating a delayed product release, please keep this in mind that the people who paid for it are going to expect full delivery at some point in time.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Why Doesn’t ClickBank Notify Me Of Sales?

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re probably wondering why ClickBank doesn’t notify you when you get a sale, similar to what PayDotCom does. Well, there is a very long story behind this. If you’re an old timer, you probably remember the days when you got notifications as an affiliate. For you new people, this article explains what happened and why you will probably never see an affiliate sale notification from ClickBank again.

When I first started promoting ClickBank products, back in 2003, I was getting these affiliate sale notifications by the truck load. It was a great feeling. But then I started wondering about those super affiliates who were probably getting ten times as many notifications as I was. Their email boxes must have been stuffed to the brim. And then that got me thinking some more. What about those new affiliates who didn’t know that these were coming and just happened to get their email boxes stuffed with similar notifications that were actually spam. You know which emails I’m talking about. It’s very hard to tell the difference between the two.

Well, you guessed it. A lot of these affiliates, thinking the email from ClickBank was just more spam (thank you spammers for screwing up our lives), reported these emails to their ISP. Apparently, enough of these emails were reported that ClickBank actually had some problems with THEIR ISP. As a result, they had no choice but to discontinue sending affiliate sale emails as they couldn’t risk having their hosting pulled out from under them. That would have been a major catastrophe. Anyway, that’s the story. That’s why you don’t get affiliate sale notifications from ClickBank.

Okay, so what can you do about it? Well, what you can do is put a tracker on your affiliate links. No, it won’t tell you if somebody actually clicks through to the payment page, as that goes through the vendor pay link, but it will tell you how many people have been to your affiliate link. If there are no clicks for a given day, you know that there is little possibility of a sale. Yes, there are exceptions that I won’t get into here. However, if you get many clicks, a simple check of your ClickBank account at the end of each day will let you know how many sales you’ve gotten.

No, it’s not perfect and it does require you to do a little bit of work, but it’s the best we have given what we have to work with. Like I said, you can thank the spammers for these headaches. I’m curious as to how PayDotCom hasn’t been hit with the same problem as I still get sales emails as an affiliate from them whenever I make a sale.

Maybe that’s a question I should ask Mike Filsaime one day.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Why Don’t My Products Convert?

This article addresses one of the biggest frustrations that affiliate marketers have. They find a product that supposedly has a high conversion rate and yet, when they promote it, it doesn’t convert for THEM. Why not? What are they doing wrong? Are they doing anything wrong? Well, I’m going to let you in on a few secrets that I am sure are going to surprise you. After you read this, you shouldn’t have any questions as to why the product you’re promoting isn’t converting.

At the top of the list is the lie. Yes, the lie. See, numbers don’t tell the whole story. Many people will pick a product purely on how popular it is with other affiliates. In the case of ClickBank products, that would be indicated by the gravity score. Well, I have a news flash for you in regard to ClickBank gravity scores. They can be SERIOUSLY manipulated. In other words, a product that LOOKS like it converts well may not convert very well at all. See, gravity only shows how many affiliates made at least one sale in a given period of time. It DOESN’T show how many hops they had to get in order to make that one sale. So the figure, even if accurate, can be very misleading.

But aside from gravity, there is another problem. Let’s assume the gravity is accurate and that the product truly does convert well. Why isn’t it converting for you? Well, there are several possible reasons. I won’t go over all of them but I will tackle the two main ones. First, there is the quality of your traffic. Where are you showing the offer? I can tell you from experience that there are certain methods of promotion that will bring you tons of eyeballs to your offer but almost no sales. And then there are other methods that, while they don’t bring nearly as many views to your offer, convert much better. So you have to look at the quality of your traffic.

Assuming the traffic is good and targeted well to your offer, there is still one more problem. See, affiliate marketers are at a bit of a disadvantage. The offer they’re showing to their prospects is the same offer that every other affiliate is showing. There is no difference. So buying from you specifically becomes a crap shoot. Let’s face it…what are you providing to the prospect that every other affiliate ISN’T providing? If you can’t come up with something for an answer then you are seriously hurting your chances to convert.

Ultimately, you need to learn some affiliate marketing advantages that will give you the edge over the competition and turn those great converting products into great converting products for YOU. In my signature, you can get some more info on this subject.

If your product isn’t converting, yes, it may be the product’s numbers are a lie or at least a misrepresentation of reality. But it also may be simply that you don’t have an edge over other affiliates.

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