Awesome testimonial just in from Mary Gregory. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

I meant to write something earlier today. I want to wish Dr Lant and George both a happy birthday. I hope it was grand. Also, Thank you so much for building this business, these sites, and all the help you do for all of us. You are both and Sandi so appreciated and yes, loved by so many. I came here knowing nothing about online marketing and computer "programming". It’s been a struggle, but I’ve learned so much, and still have a long way to go. I had a vague idea about what to do online. Then one day I received a note in my e-mail. It said, "You look like you need help. We can help you," and I thought to myself, "How do they know?" I had no idea who you were when you popped up on the screen. You just appeared and started talking to ME! I was SO EXCITED, and wanted to tell everyone. I watched the first 3 videos and was totally lost. I was still working long hours then in an "Open Heart" ICU in NYC. I heard George in a video talking about "Fast Track" so I bought some of those and got lucky. A few months later you sent me a check for a few hundred dollars, and I never placed one ad. After retiring I came back and had to watch the "placing an ad" video about 6 times with a second browser opened, and stopping every few minutes to do what George was telling us or I would forget at the end. Now that sounds ridiculous. Happy Birthday, and Many Happy Returns!! Mary A Gregory