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Congratulations to March’s TOP Sellers!

10th Place: Lance Sumner
9th Place: Dan Price
8th Place: Noel Linvingstone
7th Place: Mohammed Clayborne
6th Place: Joseph Freyaldenhoven
5th Place: Henry Mahlknecht
4th Place: Howard Martell
3rd Place: Michael Funston
2nd Place: Bruce Lee Wright
1st Place: Linda Elze

Applause for each of you! It’s great to see your hard work is putting money in your pocket! 

What do each of these people do to make money in the Worldprofit Earn-at-Home Training program?

They follow the bootcamp training.
They promote consistently using the resources we provide.
They get a commission check for sales referrals.

YOU can get a commission check too!

Here’s how.

1. Dig into the online bootcamp training lessons.
2. Follow the training, DO what you are taught.
3. If you need help, submit a Support Ticket. 

* * * * * * 

Thanks so MUCH to Lisa Martiniuk for sending in these kinds words…. you made our day!

” Short, Sweet, and Simple… The Ongoing Education, Training, and Support is Exceptional.
I find it hard to express just how much I appreciate Worldprofit for; not only their candidness,
but all they have given to me, personally. The camaraderie amongst active Members is attributed to the system Worldprofit provides
and is a definite plus.”

Thanks Lisa!  We are proud to have you on our team. Thank YOU for being a Monitor and helping all members of the Worldprofit home business community.