Great news for those of you in Empower Network….

A number of you are involved with the company called Empower Network. To help you with your promotions we have added Empower Network to the Money Makers section in your Member area. To find it on the LEFT MENU select MONEY MAKERS, then select MONEY MAKERS PROMO KIT. Empower Nework is listed as #1 on that page.

Take a look too at the one right below that, “700,000 Submitter – 100% Automated Promotion.”

The 3rd program listed there, CURATION SOFT is an excellent program that we suggest you review.  If you are not already Members of the programs listed in the Money Makers Promo Kit, you can sign up on that page. Then just start using the promotion materials provided. It’s easy.  It’s fast. It’s profitable.

the rest are all worth a look too in your quest to generate multiple streams of income.


The recording of the March 15th LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch is now posted in your Member area, TOP MENU, select TRAINING.
Direct link here:

George covered some very important points today in his very frank and honest style.  If you are not achieving the success you want, you will want to watch today’s training program.


The March Madness Special Offer on prepaid membership terms EXPIRES March 31st. If you want to switch from a monthly membership to a prepaid Memership you can save as much as 50%. Submit a Support Ticket and ask for your personal quote.


The one thing that you MUST do every single day to make money online – is PROMOTE!
We provide you with the Landing Pages (ad examples) and a list of recommended places.
Promotion brings in Associates and builds your email marketing list – both are vital to making sales.
No promotion = No Profit.


We are firm believers that there is ONE word in the English language that can never be said enough. That word is THANK-YOU.
Thank you to our Monitors!  You exemplify the true meaning of community spirit in your ongoing commitment to help all Members of our community make sales.  You are helping others while you yourselves are learning how to build your own online business.  We couldn’t ask for a finer group of people.

**** If you are reading this and would like to join our elite Team of Monitors, send an email to Dr. Lant at  
You’ll make lasting friendships, learn about marketing, and have fun!