Here’s the Top 10 Sellers for JULY 2013 so far this month! HOORAYYYY!

10th place: Kevin Colman  
9th place: John Machiuk 
8th place: Belinda Lacey 
7th place: Andrew Cornwell 
6th Place: Mohammed Clayborne 
5th place: Noel Livingston 
4th place: Mohamad Hanif 
3rd place: Ralph Ginnson 
2nd place: Wallace Johnson 
1st place: Linda Elze
and we’ve got some up and comers to pay tribute to as well!
Lance Sumner 
Marc Duchene 
Mary Gregory 
Michael Harris 
Mike Hatton 
Paula and Mark Anderson 
Robert Francis 
Uli Achilles 
Vaurn James 
Andre Barrette  
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