IM Springboard

IM Springboard is a complete Internet marketing business building platform created by Brett Ingram.

He created the IM Springboard platform because he saw so many marketers struggling to get what they need to succeed–to buy it all separately and try to duct tape it together to make it work is so difficult that most marketers never make it.  The #1 goal for IM Springboard is to make it possible for ANYONE with the motivation to succeed online to make it happen.

It includes everything you need to start and grow an online business, including:

* Quickstart training shows you step by step how to setup a simple profitable Internet business in just a few days

* Live weekly online training sessions with Q&A help you learn new skills and get your questions answered

* Instant Squeeze Pages lets you setup squeeze pages in seconds with no PHP, HTML, CSS, tech skills, domain, or hosting!

* Online marketing tools let you create ecovers, squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, website headers, buy buttons, guarantee graphics, backlinks and more in just a few seconds with no tech skills

* Online training library with 100s of videos on every tech and marketing skill

* 1,000 points to spend every month on done-for-you websites, marketing tools, resell rights, and more

IM Springboard is the most complete resource I’ve seen at a bargain price. No miracle overnight bank deposits or crazy claims…just real shortcuts to build your Internet business.

It is a growing, changing membership site designed for new and growing Internet marketers. What makes IM Springboard unique is the combination of things it includes–with most Internet marketing membership sites you get 1 of 3 types:

1. Virtual warehouse of ‘stuff’ – these membership sites give you a bunch of products or tools but very little direction or coaching and they are static so as the industry changes they lose their usefulness. (PLR sites are a good example of this)

2. SaaS – the second type of membership site gives you the ability to do one thing over and over. Usually the site is very good at the one thing and may evolve as marketing changes, but you still need a lot of other things as a marketer and you don’t get much if any live coaching.

3. Coaching – the 3rd type of membership site gives you live or recorded video training. It may evolve but you don’t get the tools you need and usually the coaching is generic so you need to find out how to apply it to your specific business.

IM Springboard gives you ALL 3 types in ONE, and it’s cheaper than a lot of membership sites that only give you one of the three.

You can use the Quickstart Training + tools to build a core Internet business in a day or two, then use the other tools and training library to build it. You can get specialized live training every week and get your questions answered live too, so you never get stuck. You also can spend points to buy the specific stuff you need–from software tools to resell rights, to done-for-you websites, to even 1-on-1 coaching.

IM Springboard is NOT 1 size fits all…Instead, it fits YOU and the business you want to build. And it’s priced so affordable that EVERY wanna be marketer can use it. (It’s worth a lot more but by keeping the price down it really does help ANYONE who wants to succeed, even if they don’t have a big budget.)

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