For some time now we have been asked by our Members to provide a Membership Plugin. 

After doing considerable research and testing we have found one we like and it is now available for Worldprofit Members. It’s called INSTAMEMBER. 

Having your own MEMBERSHIP site allows YOU to offer products and services for sale within a Membership meaning that people  pay to become a member of YOUR Membership service. Having your own Membership allows you to capitalize on niche marketing, market your own professional skill, software, expertise, product or service and charge for access to your resources within a secure member site.

The INSTAMEMBER membership plugin operates on a WordPress plugin platform. We will do the set up and installation for you and ALSO include an intensive COURSE on how to PROFIT from your Membership Plugin.

We have a discounted Introductory cost available exclusively for Worldprofit Members.

–> Here’s how to find out more about the Membership Plugin (INSTAMEMBER).

In your Member area on LEFT menu select MONEY MAKERS then click on “OWN A MEMBERSHIP SITE”. There you will find further details.

Those of you who have already jumped on this and bought the Membership Plugin – THANK YOU – we are glad you see how this is beneficial for your business. growth.
We’re now working hard to get the set ups done as quickly as possible. There is considerable labour involved so current set up time is 7 days, with first ordered, first set up.  

* * * * * * *

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