Review of Feb 1st LIVE INTERACTIVE Bootcamp Training with George Kosch.

Heres what you missed and how to access the recorded version

George Kosch couldn’t wait to get started today!

He had a number of services announcements, product updates and some teasers on what developments are underway for the benefit of Worldprofit Members. Read this to get up to speed so you don’t miss an ounce of value that is packed into your membership.

To start things off George offered congratulations to ALL the TOP SELLERS  for the month of January. We saw brand new Members making sales within a few days of joining and some of our veteran dealers really focusing on constant promotion and turning in personal bests. The sales numbers tell it all. What is traditionally a very slow month, was a phenomenal month. Hats off to the Dealers following the training and doing your promotion. The Monitors in our Live Business Center deserve a round of applause for volunteering their time to help all members of our home business community make sales.   Worldprofit Monitors get to learn the system, are mentored directly by Dr. Jeffrey Lant and coached on becoming advanced online marketers. 

Tips, Tricks, Strategies for generating traffic and promoting ANY online  business.

Google Alerts – how to benefit from this free tool
Blog Commenting – manual NOT automated.
Mini Self-written Articles
Mini-specific topic/keyword videos

Updates and announcements of new services

6 New Products items added to the PLR store. Both Silver and Platinum VIP Members  can download them for free to learn from them on a variety of topics.  This vault of products is a treasure trove of learning – a library of products we have hand selected for their value to our Members.  Platinum Members can also sell these products to keep 100% commission when you make sales.

NEW! We are adding a feature for all Silver and Platinum VIP Members so they can easily blog new content within your Worldprofit site. This is important as Google indexes and ranks more efficiently, those sites that post frequent, unique, fresh content.
This update will include a feature to add not just text content but also integrated video content. 

NEW! For all Worldprofit Safelist Exchange owners, the updates are now complete. We will be installing them at no cost on your site this weekend.  Within the Admin settings, owners will now be able to more efficiently build their external lists, such as Aweber. 
A Vault and Superstore has also been integrated. Your Safelist members will be able to purchase the products in your store, and of course you keep 100% of the earnings. We’ve also made it so that your Safelist members get an incentive to upgrade to a paid Membership at your Safelist, they will then be able to download the products in your store at no cost. 
The remainder of the updates are more on our side at the tech level that run in the background to make your Safelist more efficient, including additional security, optimization for speed.

NEW! The new Header Navigation Bar was released last week and lots of Members are now using it. You can use the header bar with any of the Silver/Platinum Templates, but Template 62 is the recommended  choice.

NEW! Money Maker Kit. We added a new product this week, and add more on a regular basis as we find ones that we like.  Remember! When you promote these products you earn 100% of the sales.    

Member resources discussed today

PROMO-Bots. One click marketing. Speeds up your marketing. The promo-bots do the work for you. Find these on the TOP MENU under PROMO-BOTS section.
Landing Pages (Ad Examples) You will find tons of advertising aids, landing pages, ad swipes, banners, text ads and more in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section of your Worldprofit Member area
List Building Tools
Article Directory
(located on the left menu in Member area, hundreds or articles for Member use)
Natural Link Building and content generation

Sites / Products  referenced in today’s training Video library of specific topics that George Kosch has recorded. Use the SEARCH box to find videos by key word or topic.
Longtail Pro – recommended OPTIONAL service, small fee, but in our opinion well worth it. You can find out more within the MONEY MAKERS section of your Member area
Shareaholic (WordPress Plugin for sharing content)
IBO Social

This week’s homework assignment:
1. Promote.  Your promotion MUST ALWAYS  comes first!  As often as you can!
2. Learn:  Pick a free site, any site,  where you can post unique free content and get established  Example

Comments/Questions from participants

Ken: George that is unreal!
Bud: That would be VERY cool!
James: Awesome added value George…. Google is in love with blogs
Brian: Is this on the paid blog program George?
Beth: That will be Excellent! & will they work on the storefront wordpress blogs?
Victor: Amazing work
Beth: Great!!
Bud: From Juggernaut to Leviathan in one training session! YEAS! 🙂
Beth: can you tell us when the promo bots will be available for the fast cash products?
Ken: Where is long tail pro under again?
Sandi: Ken, under MONEY MAKERS section
Bud : Thanks for pointing me to this program, George. I’m using it every day
Barbara : This is helpful.  Thanks
Tania: WOW … that is huge.
Ken: General Kosch, if they only knew they never would have let you retire
Anita: magic, thanks GEORGE
Mike: Heard some great stuff today. Like the idea of the lead program, would be especially helpful to newbies. The faster people enjoy some success the better the chance they will stay in the program. 
Beth: Thank you George – great new tools & resources & awesome ones coming
Howard: has anyone else been having problems with chrome crashing while up online
Bud: George, I have several support issues. Better several on one, or one on several?
Bruce: I had problems with Chrome .DLLs not updating due to AntiMalware blocks, make sure you have Chrome update trusted
Bud: Anybody having problems getting clicks into Dragon or Extreme SL?

Special Note for NEW Worldprofit Members

Many of the topics covered in today’s training were directed at our more advanced and experienced dealers. If you are a NEW Member here is what you should do:

1) Watch the VIDEO FOR BEGINNERS. You will find it on the TOP MENU under TRAINING.
2) Start the online bootcamp lessons. When you login to your member area, scroll down on the main page and you will see the tasks you need to do to progress through the lesson.
3) If you get stuck, or need help, submit a SUPPORT FORM from the LEFT menu.   We are happy to help you, don’t get frustrated, get help! That’s why we are here.


Today’s LIVE home business training session with George Kosch ran for  90 minutes.  Thank you to everyone who participated actively in the discussions and posted questions.

The recording of today’s session will be posted to the Worldprofit Member area (under top menu TRAINING) for the convenience of those not able to attend the LIVE training.

Reminder to all Worldprofit Members, you can access 65+ training lessons with your Member area, self-paced and accompanied by screen captures, examples. Watch when convenient for you. The online training videos, screen captures and lesson plans are included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.