Worldprofit celebrates it’s 23rd birthday this summer!

In an online world where businesses come and go, Worldprofit will soon enter it’s 24th year in business. We asked Worldprofit CEO and Co-Founder George Kosch to tell us what’s the secret to the company’s long term success.

"That’s easy" said George. "Commitment to our Members. It’s our firm commitment to our Members – and KEEPING our Members – that drives every aspect of our daily business. This extends to product development, customer service, research and innovation, training, marketing strategies and our ever-changing Associate and Dealership programs. We started our company with that commitment back in 1994 and it holds true today just as strong.

Worldprofit provides training and services in the Affiliate Marketing industry but really we are a tech company and that means being on the cutting edge. You see, I’m a Software Engineer so from day one, I built the infrastructure that provides the stable base of everything we offer from hosting and security, to mail services, training modules, our specialized software, traffic resources, advertising, and the customer service interface we offer our Members. The advantage of being one of the very first companies in this industry is that we got a strong foothold in the market and haven’t stopped growing since. I work with our Members, I provide the software and the training. I’m proud to say that I’m hands-on every day. Over the years, our Members have come to expect quality services, efficient products and 100% backing of everything we offer at Worldprofit.

I know our Members by name, they know me as their personal coach and instructor in the online bootcamp training sessions. I believe the Internet offers so much power and opportunity to those who want to learn how to grow their own successful online business. The key is to learn how to do it right with expert help and the right tools and resources. That’s what myself, and my co-founder Sandi Hunter have worked hard to accomplish over the last two decades with the development of our training and marketing system. When I was in the military it was drilled in to me that repetition, dedicated practice and ongoing training is the key to mastery of a new skill. The first time I climbed into the cockpit of a jet I had no idea what I was doing, I was overwhelmed by the dials and what was required of me. But I studied, I practised, I trained over and over again. It took time, it took patience. Eventually I earned my wings as a jet pilot, accumulating over 2400 hours in flight time. I then trained to be a jet instructor and went on to teach other students to fly. Now I’m out of the military and my students are future business owners – members of my Home Business and Affiliate marketing bootcamp training program. I ask my students to take the time to learn, to study and to practice the business and marketing skills I teach. Starting a business is new to most people, so too is learning the variety of new skills required to make that business successful. Too many people give up too early. Unfortunately they have bought into the hype that it’s easy to get rich online – do nothing and make millions quick is the pitch they’ve fallen for. My students will never hear that from me. Results come from hard work and that means putting in the time and effort to learn then applying those skills consistently. It’s not fancy, it’s not sexy, it’s not late night infomercial friendly. But it’s my time tested formula that works and I plan to be here to help our Members to build their own profitable online business for many more years to come."

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: What you missed in the training and how to access recording

Review of LIVE interactive Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch

Link to recorded version within.

Instructor: George Kosch, Software Engineer and Worldprofit CEO, and Co-Founder

Date of Training Session: May 19. 2017

Topics covered in this session.

From Associate to Sale: The process, the system, the result.

Learn the system, earn by promoting Worldprofit products and services.
OR, insert your own affiliate programs, or business opportunity to earn multiple streams of income.

Promotion Basics, and Demonstration of "At The Races" Traffic Exchange.
This is a new recommended Traffic Exchange that has been added to your Member area.

Follow our training to learn how to promote. Start with a few promotions, then add to it. Grow your market, expand the number of places you promote. Change your ads, assess your results using the Ad Tracker. Spend the majority of your time focusing on learning how to promote then DOING the promotion. Once you know how to promote there is no stopping you, your business will continue to grow for years to come.

What’s New….

A new product has been added to the Money Maker Kit. Use the tools and resources in your Member area that we teach you in the training to earn commission selling this and the other products in the Money Maker Kit.

What’s coming….

New Landing pages are being developed.

The first one is ready!

Find it in your Member area under TOP MENU click on AD EXAMPLES, in area 2 section it’s the first ad.

Subject line is: >>>> Traffic To 5 Sites For ONE Full Year with NO Limits >>>> Promote Affiliate Links – Change ANYTIME

If you are logged into your Member area this direct link will take you direct to the Ad Examples page:

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session.

–> The recording of the May 19th session can be viewed here:

The next LIVE training session with George Kosch is Friday May 26th, 2017.

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Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 9 Sep 2016

Worldprofit Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch covered the following training topics in the Sept 9, 2016 session.

Monitor Program: What it is and how to get involved.

Bootcamp Training Lessons

CB Engine
CB Store
CB Maximizer

Prospect Manager

Getting Organized:

Creating Filters and Whitelisting

Jit Bit Auto Text

The value of the good old fashioned pen and paper.

How to add products to your website, navigation menus

List Building Essentials

Growing your online business, how to go from earning $50 to $500 and more.

How to access your Worldprofit Bonuses.

Getting Results and Earning Commission

In last week’s training session, George revealed a product he was going to promote with the results revealed this week including his earnings.
What he did to earn this is exactly what we teach you in the bootcamp training lessons, including the resources to use to do your promotions.
Follow our training, do your promotions, earn commission, grow your business, grow your list, earn more commission.

Thank you to everyone who attended the training session.

The next LIVE training session is Friday Sept 16th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Webinar with George Kosch and Robert Puddy. You are invited.

Special Announcment and Exclusive Invitation for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members only!

Webinar with George Kosch and Robert Puddy

Canadian, George Kosch is Co-Founder of Worldprofit and the Owner/Administrator of several Top Safelists.

Robert Puddy is based in the UK and is founder of the LFMVM viral mailer software and also The Membership Script.

This webinar is for advanced Internet Marketers who want to take the next step in growing their online revenue and who understand the value of list building and safelist marketing, and would like to develop their own Safelist site.

Date: Tuesday April 12th
Time: 3 pm ET
Webinar Link:,51344349#

Instructions: Once on this page above just enter your name and press OK.
You do not require a password or room password.

All Silver and Platinum VIP Members are invited to attend at no cost.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn proven profit strategies from two highly successful marketers – both self-made Internet success stories.

Note: If you would like to get a free key for the software to be discussed and demonstrated in the webinar you can get it now by going to: then come to the webinar to get details on how to use this software to generate traffic and income.

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Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 1 January 2016

Review of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp, Friday Jan 1, 2016 with George Kosch

Here is your 2016 Theme for Making Money Online.

If you want to earn consistent income, George Kosch emphasized the value of understanding you don’t want to be the FISH you want to be the FISHERMAN.
George’s amusing analogy will help you rethink your time and actions online.
Which end of the pole are you on?
The FISHERMAN earns a living while the FISH loses by getting caught miserably on hook after hook.
Understand this difference and use the resources included in your Worldprofit Membership to make 2016 your most profitable year online yet.
Successful and profitable marketers are the FISHERMAN.

Sales Funnel Builder
The positive feedback keeps coming in – you tell us you really like the Sales Funnels.
With ONE CLICK, honestly just ONE CLICK you can have these up and running to start earning.
You have access to 6 right now and more will be added as we find them. There is no cost for this service as long as you are a Silver or Platinum VIP Member.
Access: LEFT MENU of your Member area – under WEBSITE MANAGEMENT – select SALES FUNNEL BUILDER.

ULTIMATE LIST BUILDING TACTICS, this is George kosch’s latest ebook. ALL Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a free copy and can offer this ebook FREE to generate leads. If you don’t understand why building a list is so valuable and the KEY to your online earnings today, tommorrow and the rest of time – read this book.
If you don’t understand list building and it’s power you are wasting your time and losing sales, it’s that simple.
Get your free copy in the GOODY BAG. To access the landing pages to offer this book free for leads, look under AD EXAMPLES.

CONGRATULATIONS to… our newest Platinum VIP Members!

You made the smart business decision to get serious about making money online by upgrading from your basic Silver membership to our elite Platinum VIP Membership. For everyone who snatched up the upgrade offer, your commission upgrade now applies, and we’ve installed your extra software, VIP training courses, traffic injections, solo ad privileges, unlimited use autoresponder and our complete Video Suite of products. Now get busy promoting!


George offered a heartfelt THANK YOU to each of our Monitors. You filled the holiday hours without exception to share Worldprofit with our guests and help members of our community to make sales. You put a helpful face on Worldprofit by manning the LIVE Business Center, and we LOVE your faces! Keep up the great work. Saturday Monitor Training meeting will continue in 2016.

If anyone would like to join our Monitor team, all training is provided. You just need a headset so you speak to our guests and hear the other Monitors.
Interested? Submit a Support ticket and we will send you the details.

THANK YOU to all our Members for your suppport and enthusiasm over the last year for the work we do.

We want your 2016 to be your BEST YEAR yet for earning money online. We look forward to continuing to support and provide you with the BEST resources and training you have come to expect from Worldprofit. We’re working hard to continue to be your most valued online source for all the tools you need to earn consistent income at home. We enjoy what we do and we find tremendous reward in seeing you succeed!

We look forward to working with each of you for the next year to come. We have lots planned!

The next LIVE interactive home business bootcamp training is FRIDAY Jan 8th at 8 AM CT/ 9 AM ET.
If you don’t know what time that is in your part of the world, do a search on Google for a TIME ZONE CONVERTER.
All LIVE programs are also recorded for the convenience of our Members.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 23 October 2015

Youu WILL want to watch the recorded version George had helpful tips for NEW Members AND..

some EYE-OPENING information to help you avoid getting BURNED by fake traffic.

If you are BUYING traffic or "Sign-ups" watch this video.

George will save you time, money and frustration so you don’t get taken by traffic thieves.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Silver Membership Presentation by George Kosch

What do you get when you upgrade your free Worldprofit Associate Membership to a Silver Membership?

Well simply put, you get a LOT!

Here’s 35 reasons why upgrading is good for you – AND for your bank account.

Your Silver membership is a TOTAL Business Package – with everything you need to grow your online business – ALL in one place – your Worldprofit Member area.

First we set up for you, your own domain based website – something like
Then we install a professional, lead-generating website for you. We do this for you super quick.

Then comes the really awesome stuff!

We immediately start installing your MONEY-MAKING Programs on your website, and in your Member area.

These are legitimate, tested programs, products and software that are current, in demand, and easy to use or promote.

Now listen up because this next part is REALLY IMPORTANT to your bottom line and how MUCH you can earn!

You can use these tools and traffic included to make money in not just our recommended income programs – but also for any affiliate or business opportunity of your own!

Yes! Yes! Yes!
You can use the traffic to grow ANY business, or affiliate program!
The training we include is UNIVERSAL and critical to the success any online marketer.

You’re going to get:

Rock Solid Income programs paying 20 to 100% commission PLUS bonuses!

Top Rated Recommended Income Programs – JV Zoo, ClickBank, FastCash, Money Makers, Amazon, Ebay, PLR, Reseller Products, new and top rated Affiliate Marketing programs (20 to 100% commission)

Over 220 MORE Products you can use yourself at no cost – or SELL them and KEEP 100% of your earnings.

21 + Income Streams – one or our most POPULAR money making programs!

Worldprofit’s Dealer Program – resell our web-based services to earn 20 to 80% commission – PLUS bonuses up to $1,000 for new Sales.

The Virtual Sales Assistant (easily do automated follow ups with your prospects)

Prospect Management Software (keep track of your prospects, and easily follow up)

Newsletter Software (start building your own email list. Email lists allow you to make money today and in the future by just SENDING OFFERS. Grow your list and grow your earnings!

Over 100 ready to use ads, banners, swipes, copy

Integrated list building forms compatible with Aweber and Get Response.

Universal Bonus Builder – Give Away over $10,000 in FREE memberships/Credits to sell YOUR stuff – get sales for your programs!

OVER 100 Tools with 100 written and video lessons on how to use them.

Complete Website Management System – make edits, add pages, banners, code, unlimited access. EASY!

Auto Phone Call System – HUGE TIME SAVER and loved by anyone who hates talking on the phone. Simply record your message and it autodials.

Advanced Link Tracking system to analyze traffic and click sources

Your own Amazon Store Builder

Your own eBay Store Builder

Landing Page Builder – EASILY create your own landing pages using this builder – takes MINUTES for professional pages

… and are you ready for this? You get at NO EXTRA COST, SEO tools, software, and training courses from industry experts.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 25 September 2015

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Friday Sept 25, 2015.

George Kosch’s weekly training is divided into three segments. The first one for Newbies, the second one for more advanced and experienced marketers, and the final segment is dedicated to Monitor training and understanding. Questions are encouraged throughout the entire program to make the training meaningful to each Member.

Newbies segment.

New to Worldprofit? Here’s what to do.
Start the online training. Go at your own pace. Over 100 lessons.
Need help? Submit a Support form. We are here 7 days a week to help you.
We want you to succeed!

Advanced Segment

Training Topics included:


Call Loop

List Building

Ad Tracker

Website Content Management System

Which traffic sources to AVOID!

Recommended Traffic Sources

Blogs? Do you need one? YES!

WordPress (recommended)
Security Recommendations
Why free blogs are not a good idea

Lazy Blogger System (included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)

Treat this as a business, do the training, be patient. Results come from persistence not dabbling.

Monitor Segment

How to become a Monitor and start your training.
Marketing strategies that pertain to Monitors.
Multiple ports of entry into the LBC
Worldprofit’s system at work for our Members.
Sales Traces.
Demonstration: Worldprofit’s Associate Newsletter at work to make you sales from MULTIPLE sources – without you lifting a finger

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training. We don’t do this training for us, we do it for you!
Your participation makes the learning more meaningful and interactive.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Recap of Training with link to recording. Don’t miss this!

Review: Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Friday Aug 14th, 2105 is always the latest bootcamp video

The theme of the training session was how to earn steady income from multiple sources using the resources in your Worldprofit membership.

George welcomed all participants to the training session. For new Members, George spent some time advising what should be your first steps – specifically start the online bootcamp training. Don’t wait, start now, dig in, get busy.

George then dove into the meat of the training, what to sell, how to sell it and what Worldprofit resources to use to start making money.

He showed on screen 4 main powerful sections of your Worldprofit Member area that contain products you can sell and includes easy automated ways to sell them.
Remember these are in ADDITIONAL money-making resources on top of earnings you receive from promoting Worldprofit services.
PLUS, you can use some of these tools to promote your OWN affiliate programs – never forget that.


1. The PLR Store and PLR Vault.
Members can download any or all of the products in the PLR store for your own personal use.
Platinum VIP Members can ALSO sell these products in your own PLR STORE and keep 100% of your sales earnings.
Commissions for the sales of these products are paid direct to you.
The order processing is automated as well so when you get orders you don’t have to fuss with sending out the products.
You can find the PLR products in your Member area under the PLR section. Watch the video so you understand how it works.

2. The Resellers Club
Promote these products and again, you keep all of your sales earnings.
This section includes the OFFER BUILDER which you can use to bundle these Reseller Products into special offers as sales incentives. You can bundle the products as free giveaways to generate sales for ANY of your online businesses.
You can find the Resellers Club link in your Member area on the top menu.

3. FastCash program
George handselected these products, you get 18 websites that you can use to promote the products.
Again you keep 100% of your sales earnings paid direct to you by the vendor.
This is fully automated. Sell the products or download them for your own use at no cost.

4. Autoresponse Center and Business Builder Area
Platinum VIP Members you enjoy the benefit of your own unlimited use AUTORESPONDER SYSTEM.
You can use the prebuilt messages, or create your own then send out using our authenticated mail server for higher rates of delivery.
This is fully automated, ready to go now, and pre-configured with pop ups to sign up Assocaites.
The order processing is automated as well so when you get orders you don’t have to fuss with sending out the products.
If you are a Platinum VIP Mmeber you can access both the Autoresponse Center and Business Builder in your member area under LEFT MENU.
If you are a Silver member and would like to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership to get this and other traffic and software, as well as earn higher commissions, submit a Support form and request a quote to UPGRADE To PLATINIM.

George then provided a lengthy discussion and demonstration featuring CLICKBANK and JVZoo illustrating how you can make money in these 2 programs and how to use the software included in your Worldprofit membership to promote those products to increase your earnings.

A. ClickBank
ClickBank is a long standing reputable company that allows you to sign up free then promote the products in their market place to earn commission from the vendor. Some products are single sale items, while others can earn you recurring commission every month.
You have access to over 10,000 products to sell, the problem though is knowing what products are the most in demand, and how and where to sell them.
That’s why George Kosch created the CB Maximizer and the CB Promo Kit. The CB Promo Kit is inlcuded in your Membership and allows you to automatically send out promotions for the most in demand products. Periodically we update the products and the promotion copy. The CB Maximizer is an OPTIONAL service which is like an autoresponder for ClickBank products. They are two separate products and both excellent tools to have in your marketing tool box.

B. JVZoo
JVZoo is an Affilate marketing program. It’s free to join but you do need to get approved as an Affiliate. Once you are approved you can promote a termendous number of excellent products and use Worldprofit tools to do so easily. Some products are single sale items, while others can earn you recurring commission every month. George Kosch has selected the products he thinks are the most in demand for our market, and provided you with ad copy and automated promotion in the MONEY MAKER KIT. The Money Maker Kit is included in your Silver and / or Platinum VIP Membership.
Access it on the left men u of your member area by selecting MONEY MAKER KIT.

Both JV Zoo and ClickBank allow you to tap ihnto HUGE markeplaces of products that are of interest to those in the home business and internet marketing industry – our market. By using the automated tools and software offered at Worldprofit and promoting these products you can earn yet more sources of income.

The final segment of the training was devoted to answering questions from Monitors.
George expressed appreciation to the Monitor team for filling hours over the summer.
Anyone interested in joining Worldprofit’s Monitor Team is encouraged to submit a Support form and request details on getting started in the training program.

Thank you to everyone who attended the training today.

Next LIVE interactive training with George Kosch is Friday Aug 21st.

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