Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 14 August 2015

The theme of the training session was how to earn steady income from multiple sources using the resources in your Worldprofit membership.

George welcomed all participants to the training session. For new Members, George spent some time advising what should be your first steps – specifically start the online bootcamp training. Don’t wait, start now, dig in, get busy.

George then dove into the meat of the training, what to sell, how to sell it and what Worldprofit resources to use to start making money.

He showed on screen 4 main powerful sections of your Worldprofit Member area that contain products you can sell and includes easy automated ways to sell them.


1. The PLR Store and PLR Vault.
Members can download any or all of the products in the PLR store for your own personal use.
Platinum VIP Members can ALSO sell these products in your own PLR STORE and keep 100% of your sales earnings.
Commissions for the sales of these products are paid direct to you.
The order processing is automated as well so when you get orders you don’t have to fuss with sending out the products.
You can find the PLR products in your Member area under the PLR section. Watch the video so you understand how it works.

2. The Resellers Club
Promote these products and again, you keep all of your sales earnings.
This section includes the OFFER BUILDER which you can use to bundle these Reseller Products into special offers as sales incentives. You can bundle the products as free giveaways to generate sales for ANY of your online businesses.
You can find the Resellers Club link in your Member area on the top menu.

3. FastCash program
George handselected these products, you get 18 websites that you can use to promote the products.
Again you keep 100% of your sales earnings paid direct to you by the vendor.
This is fully automated. Sell the products or download them for your own use at no cost.

4. Autoresponse Center and Business Builder Area
Platinum VIP Members you enjoy the benefit of your own unlimited use AUTORESPONDER SYSTEM.
You can use the prebuilt messages, or create your own then send out using our authenticated mail server for higher rates of delivery.
This is fully automated, ready to go now, and pre-configured with pop ups to sign up Assocaites.
The order processing is automated as well so when you get orders you don’t have to fuss with sending out the products.
If you are a Platinum VIP Mmeber you can access both the Autoresponse Center and Business Builder in your member area under LEFT MENU.
If you are a Silver member and would like to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership to get this and other traffic and software, as well as earn higher commissions, submit a Support form and request a quote to UPGRADE To PLATINIM.

George then provided a lengthy discussion and demonstration featuring CLICKBANK and JVZoo illustrating how you can make money in these 2 programs and how to use the software included in your Worldprofit membership to promote those products to increase your earnings.

A. ClickBank
ClickBank is a long standing reputable company that allows you to sign up free then promote the products in their market place to earn commission from the vendor. Some products are single sale items, while others can earn you recurring commission every month.
You have access to over 10,000 products to sell, the problem though is knowing what products are the most in demand, and how and where to sell them.
That’s why George Kosch created the CB Maximizer and the CB Promo Kit. The CB Promo Kit is inlcuded in your Membership and allows you to automatically send out promotions for the most in demand products. Periodically we update the products and the promotion copy. The CB Maximizer is an OPTIONAL service which is like an autoresponder for ClickBank products. They are two separate products and both excellent tools to have in your marketing tool box.

B. JVZoo
JVZoo is an Affilate marketing program. It’s free to join but you do need to get approved as an Affiliate. Once you are approved you can promote a termendous number of excellent products and use Worldprofit tools to do so easily. Some products are single sale items, while others can earn you recurring commission every month. George Kosch has selected the products he thinks are the most in demand for our market, and provided you with ad copy and automated promotion in the MONEY MAKER KIT. The Money Maker Kit is included in your Silver and / or Platinum VIP Membership.
Access it on the left men u of your member area by selecting MONEY MAKER KIT.

Both JV Zoo and ClickBank allow you to tap ihnto HUGE markeplaces of products that are of interest to those in the home business and internet marketing industry – our market. By using the automated tools and software offered at Worldprofit and promoting these products you can earn yet more sources of income.

The final segment of the training was devoted to answering questions from Monitors.
George expressed appreciation to the Monitor team for filling hours over the summer.
Anyone interested in joining Worldprofit’s Monitor Team is encouraged to submit a Support form and request details on getting started in the training program.

Thank you to everyone who attended the training today.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Recap of Friday Training / What Merl and Harry did..

Recap of Friday March 13th LIVE training with George Kosch…

If you missed the LIVE program, this review is not sufficient, you are urged to watch the recording use the link below to see recording.

Major Topics covered.

The Worldprofit System – Associates, Live Business Center, Monitors.
Promotion Tools and Resources (included in your Silver membership)
Lazy Blogger Software (included in your Silver membership)
The online Bootcamp Training lessons (included in your Silver membership)
Ebook Creator (included in your Silver membership)
10 of Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s books – being converted into a digital format – update from George Kosch.

Discussion: Why are some people so resistant to doing what it takes to build an online business?

Thank you to those who attended the LIVE training session. Your input, questions, and comments are appreciated.

NEXT LIVE training session is Friday March 20th at 8 AM CT. Will you be there ready to learn to earn?

Merl and Harry snatched this offer up! So did Celena, Rick, Mark and Michelle!

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Higher Commission Earnings!

– Earn 30% on Silver and Platinum VIP Membership sales, PLUS 5% on Membership sales your Dealers make
– Earn 30% when your referred Members renew their Membership either monthly or on a pre-paid term.
– Earn 20 – 80% on selected Member purchases such as leads, plugins, our Safelist Exchange System and more.
– Earn 80% on Reseller Products
– Keep 100% of your earnings from sales of PLR products
– Keep 100% of your earning from sales of the Money Maker Products
– Keep 100% of your earnings from sales of the Fast Cash Products
– Eligibility for bonuses up to $1,000 for New Sales Volume
– Consult the Commission chart in your Member area for complete details on commission payouts.

More Ways to Earn!

– The Autoresponder Business Builder with 12 turn key businesses included (retails for $297)

– Get your own Private Label Resellers Store (PLR). A value of $199.95
Your PLR Store comes stocked with 215 ready to sell digital products we included installation of your shopping cart and updates.
Keep 100% of the commission from sales you make.

– Don’t forget about your included Amazon Storefront – that’s yet another source of income for you.

You get TRAFFIC, and more TRAFFIC for any and all your promotions

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-20,000 ad credits, 2 SOLO ADS at TrafficAdLinks.com

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– 20 Design Credits so you can change your website template 20 times to the other choices from the gallery
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– Instant Seminar System software (hold your own seminars online in your seminar room)
– Instant Meeting Center software (meet with your prospects or dealers online in your own Meeting Center)
– Instant Video Recording Studio (record videos and email them out to prospects, or add the video to your website)
– Instant Audio Recording Studio (record your own audio messages and email them out, or add to your website)
– LIVE Face Chat application so you can interact instantly with visitors to your site

VIP Recognition and Distinction!

– You enjoy VIP rates on selected products, services and Membership renewals.
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