Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 5 things Worldprofit’s Top Sellers do to make sales. You can do this too.

We hear from many of you who are hungry to earn consistent income from home.

Here’s 5 things Worldprofit’s Top Sellers do to make sales. You can do this too.

1. Top Sellers follow the bootcamp lessons, focusing on the first 8 lessons so they can master the fundamentals of online marketing.
The pay close attention to LESSON 3 especially!
What lesson are you on right now?

2. Top Sellers work their business consistently, setting time aside to promote as often as they can.
They know that all the tools needed for promoting are included in Worldprofit’s Silver Membership.
They live and breathe by the fact that consistent promotion brings sales!
How much time have you spent promoting this week? No promotion – no results!

3. Top Sellers either attend the LIVE training offered EVERY Friday morning, OR, they watch the recorded version.
Not only do they listen and learn, they consistently DO what Instructor George Kosch teaches.
Did you attend last Friday’s session? Can you attend this Friday’s session? This training is 100% for you!

4. Top Sellers ask for help when they need it by submitting a Support Form.
They know that help, support and direction is available 7 days a week at Worldprofit.
Got something you need help with? Don’t frustrate! Don’t fret! Let us hear from you. That’s what we’re here for – you!

5. Top Sellers take responsibility for their own success and have a NEVER GIVE UP attitude.
Are you a WINNER or a QUITTER? You deserve success. YOU can make it happen. We are here to help you earn it.

Dig into the training. Commit! Focus. Promote. Promote. Promote. Need help? Ask!

Looking for leads? Low cost advertising for your affiliate programs?
Worldprofit has Advertising packages and LEADS priced for every budget.

Promote any and all your Affiliate programs, effectively and affordably.

To order EXCLUSIVE LEADS, in your Member area on TOP MENU click on PROSPECTS.
We sell fresh leads from a trusted vendor we have worked with for years.
We load these leads daily so when they are gone, that’s it till our next order comes in.
These are people who have filled on an online form saying they are interested in a home business and have $100 to $300 to get started.
These leads can be used for ANY affiliate program not just Worldprofit.
Direct link:

Diamond Ad Rotator: Real Value and Real Time Stats.
Submit up to 5 URLS for ONE YEAR of TRAFFIC for $37.
Perfect for those in MULTIPLE Affiliate Programs. You can change the URL as often as you like.
Traffic is verified by weekly stats emailed to you.
In your member area on TOP MENU click on Diamond Ad Rotator
If you are logged in to your Member area this Direct Link will work:

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Sapphire Solo Ads – a favourite with those on a tight budget.
Submit your 5 SOLO Ads and we will send then out to our lists and add to our rotation for ONE YEAR.
Change your Solo Ads as often as you like. $47 one time fee. VALUE! Set it and forget it.
In your member area on TOP MENU click on SAPPHIRE SOLOS.
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Traffic Blaster Packs:
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Home Business Bootcamp Newsletter By

Worldprofit’s TOP 10 Sellers for February 2015.

1. Linda Elze
2. Jeremiah Johnson
3. Howard Martell
4. Brian Armstrong
5. Joseph Freyaldenhoven
6. Judy Daus
7. Laura Lisa Cosby
8. Leonardus Geerlings
9. Lisa Martiniuk
10. Celena Barton

Congratulations to each and every one of you for…

Promoting consistently…
Applying the training…
NEVER giving up!

Do you want to be on the Top Sellers List?

Login to your member area and dig into the training.
Use the resources provides to do your promotions consistently.
Attend the LIVE training on Friday mornings or watch the recorded version.
If you need help – ASK – just submit a Support form and we are here 7 days a week to help you.

Hint: Those who earn are those that follow the training, then do the work.
ALL the resources you need are in your Member area.

Looking for free and low cost paid advertising options from trusted sources?

1. The free advertising resources are located in the ADVERTISING / TRAFFIC section of your member area.
Look through the links and you will see there are lots and lots of free advertising options. Use these for ALL your online business programs.

2. For recommended paid advertising options here are some suggestions:

A. Watch this video by George Kosch for his suggestions.

B. We offer an Advertising Co-op called FAST TRACK
Details are in your member area on LEFT MENU select ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on FASTTRACK.
The cost is low, George Kosch personally hand-submits the ads at paid trusted sites and distributes the leads (Associates) to those in the co-op.

NEW EXCLUSIVE LEADS JUST LOADED. Get them while they last!

C. We offer a limited supply of exclusive leads. These are people who have completed an online form within the last 3 days saying they would like to learn about a home business opportunity. We buy these leads from a trusted vendor and we load them daily to the Member area. When leads are available a number will appear on the LEFT MENU. Order early and often to avoid missing out on the leads the moment they are loaded each day. The cost is low and the quality is high as determined by the feedback from our buyers. Use these leads as prospects for ANY of your affiliate programs and of course also for Worldprofit membership sales.

We hope to see you there. Access is within your Member area.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: WOW! Looks who’s moving and groovin’

It’s only the 2nd day of April and look at these go-getters on the TOP 10 Sellers List!

That means money in your pocket and a great start to your month.

Well done!

1. Linda Elze
2. Garrett L Hutsko
4. Leo Watson
5. Pam Sudo
6. Patrice Porter
7. Peter Junker
8. Rosalie Jarotski
9. Stan Fuller
10. Wallace Johnson

The key to making money?

Consistent Promotion.

When’s the best time to promote?


What do you promote?

It’s all in the bootcamp training. Landing pages, ad resources, recommended sites.

If you haven’t started the training yet, PLEASE do so today.

In your member area on TOP MENU select Training.
Progress through the lessons so you know how to get maximum value from your membership and start making money – today.

We want to see YOUR NAME on the Top Sellers list. Do the work see the results.


Looking for leads and traffic but short on time for doing your promotions?

Take advantage of our Fast Track Visitors Program – it’s an advertising co-op.

We are seeing a high conversion of leads that come in from this ad co-op.

FastTrack is popular with those with limited time for promotion, aren’t sure where and how to advertise, and trust George Kosch to post the paid ads in tested places.

100% of the funds from this ad co-op go directly into our paid ad campaign.

Let George Kosch buy the advertising and deliver the leads generated direct to you!

Here’s the cost and how to get in on the Fast Track Visitors ad co-op.

Order 8,000 FastTrack Visitors and get:
Cost: 89.95 US (*****Absolute Best value!)


Order 4,000 FastTrack Visitors and get:
Cost: $49.95 US

–> To order, login to your member area, from left menu select, ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on FAST TRACK VISITORS.
There, you can read more about how and where these Associate leads are generated and why they are so valuable, then place your order.

We received this happy note from Jim Noonan…..

"Hi George and all at Worldprofit, thank you one and all.. I’m on the "Top Sellers List" for January 2014..
I am excited I am on the list, now my aim is to move up so that I am regularly at the top end."
Jim Noonan..
PS. Thanks again for all the material and constant assistance.

Here are the Top Sellers for January 2014.

Congratulations to Linda Elze for being in Top Position!

3 Cheers for EVERYONE who made it on the list. BRAVO! Yippee!

1. Linda Elze
2. Howard Martell
3. Wallace Johnson
4. Bruce Lee Wright
5. Noel Livingston
6. Dori ONeill
7. Lance Sumner
8. Ronald Lentz
9. Anthony Slate
10. Garry Smith
11. Leo Laurent
12. Mark Walen
13. Anita Ludski
14. Bruno Duarte
15. Jay Petersen
16. Jim Noonan
17. Jocelyn Lepine
18. Lisa Martiniuk
19. Paula and Mark Anderson
20. Roy Takata

Do YOU want to be on the Top Sellers list?

Then let’s get you on the right track.

If you are NEW to Worldprofit watch the FIRST TWO videos for BEGINNERS in the training section of your Member area.

Follow the bootcamp lessons to stay focused on what you need to know and DO to make sales and get the most value out of your membership.

The training is there for YOU. Please use it, do it.

If you’ve been with Worldprofit for a bit, focus on signing up ASSOCIATES. Promote the ad examples in your Member area.

So if you haven’t yet, it’s time to……


If you are NEW and have received your confirmation that all services have been set up for you, then you should now start the Bootcamp training.

In your Member area on the very main page, scroll down to see the bootcamp lessons.

NOTE: You can turn OFF the LIVE BUSINESS Center using the RED link located near where you see the people talking. That way the sounds won’t interfere with you watching the training videos.

Start at Lesson 1 and progress, doing what you are taught at each lesson.

If you need help submit a Support request form (the link is on the TOP MENU, click on SUPPORT). We are here 7 days a week to help you.

Every Friday we also have a LIVE training program with George Kosch so you can ask questions, get answers, demonstrations and more. Details of time and how to access with be posted the MESASAGE CENTER located at the top of the page in your Member area, directly above the LIVE Business Center.

Worldprofit sends out this Bootcamp Newsletter with tips, strategies, announcements and more. Make sure you are getting it every week and all email from Worldprofit. Whitelist all emails from Worldprofit and check your spam folder.

IMPORTANT! The people who make sales are the people that follow the training and consistently do what is taught.
Get started in the training today!