Thank you TONDELIA for selecting Worldprofit as your partner in building your online business!

“I must say that I have really appreciated the training, the support resources and the many, many programs designed to help me make money for myself and my family.  This is one of the best resource centers and programs I have ever seen! I look forward to many years of learning, growing, getting paid and exposing others to this awesome site!”

Thanks again!
Tondelia Lawrence

We look forward to working with you Tondelia, we are so glad you found us at Worldprofit.

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Today is the LAST DAY of APRIL and here are our current standings for TOP SELLERS!

Wallace Johnson remains in the lead as the TOP SELLER for April!
What’s his secret? He’s promoting consistently.

Close on his heels and rounding out the TOP 20 are…..

Linda Elze
Bruce Lee Wright
Anthony Slate
Howard Martell
Mohammed Clayborne
Mark Kodi Anderson
Lance Sumner
Noel Livingstone
Dorothea Hauesler
Eugene Pilcher
Garry Smith
Glen Brink
Henry Mahlknecht
John Machiuk
Les Dunn
Lucilla Harmuth
Michael Funston
Patrice Porter
Randy Ottman 

The secret to why these people are on the Top Sellers list? They are PROMOTING! Following the training and using the resources included in their Membership.

If you are not on the Top Sellers list and want to be, we hope to see YOU at the next LIVE training program Friday May 3rd at 10 CT. George Kosch is your Bootcamp Instructor he will provide you with practical, no-hype training, answer your questions, provide on screen demos and get you on track for what you need to do to make SALES. 


A BIG SHOUT OUT to our Monitor Team. Your efforts to support our home business community are APPRECIATED. You volunteer your time to help others and you learn about building an online business.  You are both clever and generous! Thank you for your commitment.