1. Featured Dealer, Howard Martell.

Worldprofit is an online community of people with a shared goal of building an online business. Howard Martell is one of our dedicated Monitors and a long time Loyal Member of Worldprofit. I asked Howard Martell to answer 3 questions about his Worldprofit business to share with our Members who are just getting started, or who are having trouble getting on track. Here’s what he had to share with you, you will find this very helpful. 

Question:  What specific aspects of the Worldprofit program to you find particularly helpful in building your online business?

Answer:  The Worldprofit Bootcamp, and how it is also so easy now to advertise and promote the services using the ad examples, click-bank, moneymakers offers. One on one Mentor-ship when working with Dr. Lant as a Senior Monitor has helped me become a master marketer.

Question: Which of your own habits, behavior, or actions do you feel contribute to your success?

Answer:  I realized as soon was able to focus completely on advertising after retired from the Military and decided to promote each and everyday until reached a certain goal of associates or sale numbers. The military background of attention to detail and determination to succeed has helped me grow. Ad swaps Solo’s highly recommended to build your list quickly and get sales. Fast Track, and buying lifetime membership to safe-lists very cheap and gets good exposure. Pick up the phone ( 500 pound gorilla will not bite and you will have a better chance of getting the associates to get back into the Live Business Center only after you have progressed to feeling comfortable with the boot-camp and you are bringing in associates constantly each and every day.
Finally it was through the encouragement of the Monitors as we help share with each other what is working to bring people into the LBC as associates. Attribute my success to hard work and dedication and being introduced back in Nov 27, 2012  to IBO Toolbox and helping people with there business needs by getting to know each associate using the chat area.( This is time consuming but the old adage is that people buy from people not from websites!  I ask certain qualifying questions like the following example: good day and what has been the biggest challenge for you with your online business, is one of them and offer Sandi Hunter’s Ebook as free resource to these prospects.

Question:  What words of advise or suggestions do you have to new Members, or Members who haven’t quite grasped our program yet?

Answer: Bootcamp Bootcamp Bootcamp. Follow the teaching of George, read each of the newsletter that come out each week has some valuable tips and techniques, Promote Promote Promote,( read the articles that Dr. Lant has written, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch valuable insight from each. One final point “Rome wasn’t Built in One Day” having a home business can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do but never quit and move on to something else! Life and Family balance set business hours, 9-5 M-S after that time is time to recharge and be thankful of the blessing you have with having a home  business and being successful.

Thank you Howard for taking the time to share your insight with the Members of Worldprofit.  

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George Kosch has something for you….

Simply by using two FREE plugins you can generate Associates using any WordPress blog.

He’s  recorded a brief video so you can see exactly how to do this and how easy it is.

Here is the video link to help you understand:

After you’ve watched the video, to access everything login to your Member area.
On left menu click under Plugins – Blogs/Cpanel,  then click on “WordPress Lead System”.

Everything you need is in there. All at NO cost for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

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REMINDER: LIVE TRAINING with George Kosch is FRIDAY FEB 1 at 10 AM CT.
It will be recorded if you cannot attend the LIVE event. If you have questions for George, attend the LIVE event, bring a pen and paper    Access is within your Worldprofit Member area, click on left menu on HOME BUSINESS TRANING then select LIVE TRAINING.