Want to make M O N E Y today? Read this.

Do you want to make money today? FABULOUS! Let’s get you on track right now.

Here’s how using the power of the resources in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member area.

1. If you haven’t already watched the BEGINNER’S VIDEO in your Member area. Do that first. It will only take a you a few minutes. You must understand the basics of how our system works so you can earn MAXIMUM commissions.
—> The video is located in your Member area. Once logged in look on the TOP MENU. Click on TRAINING. There you will find the video for BEGINNERS.

2. After you have watched the BEGINNER’S VIDEO, watch the next video directly beneath that one called FIRST TRAINING VIDEO. It’s brief and filled with information to help you start earning.

3. After you have watched the videos it should be clear to you that you have lots and lots of ways to generate income using the Worldprofit System.

You should also understand that the root of ALL COMMISSIONS is the need to recruit Associate Member sign ups.

Why? Two major reasons.

1. When you sign up free Associate members our system exposes them to all of the various things we sell and that YOU EARN commission on – anywhere from 20 – 100% commission!  
2. When you sign up free Associate members you are building your email marketing list, so that those who don’t buy today can buy tomorrow, or buy one product today and a different one next week, next month.

This is how our system helps YOUR business grows. Our system has integrated all of this for you so you have one home base for executing ALL all your promotions. This system and our training works to help you promote ANY affiliate program, or products or services you are promoting.

Now, the key to signing up free Associate members is this. The more the better! Some people will be interested some won’t, that’s life. But one thing you can be 100% certain of is this. When the Associates you refer login to their free member area, they will be greeted by our Monitors and made an offer to upgrade to Silver Membership, when they upgrade YOU get the commission. This system is in place 24 hours a day. All you have to do is refer the Associates by promoting using the resources we provide. The more you promote, the more Associates you sign up, the greater your likelihood of sales, and the more you grow your email marketing list. Those Associates who don’t upgrade today remain on your email marketing list and may buy any number of other products and services – and again you get the commission if you referred them! You see, our system sends out a newsletter to ALL the free Associate members with links to upgrade to paid Silver membership, or to purchases any number of Reseller / PLR products. We have already created the newsletter, we send it out every day – when someone on that list that you referred either upgrades to Silver or purchases a Reseller / PLR product – you get the commission.

We provide you our valued Silver and Platinum VIP members with:

– The Landing Page builder – use this EASY tool to INSTANTLY build beautiful landing pages for any and all your biz ops 
– Ad examples to recruit free Associate members
– We man the Live Business Center with real people – wonderful people we call Monitors! They welcome your Associate referrals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They try to close your sales – you get the commission!
– We automatically email your Associate referrals every day with offers, promotions, incentives and more to encourage them to login, or make a purchase by clicking on a link directly within the newsletter.
– We help you build your email marketing list, every promotion we provide you with includes OPTIN check boxes so people can subscribe to your email marketing list. A list of possible buyers is CRITICAL for EVERY ONE who wants to make money online. We’ve made this easy for you.
– We’ve provided you with over 80 lesson plans in our self-paced online bootcamp training complete with video tutorials
– Multiple sources of income – FastCash Program, PLR, Resellers Products, 20+ Income Streams, Money Makers program and more!
-Your Member area has dozens and dozens of FREE TRAFFIC sources as well as low cost recommended paid ad programs.
-Plus you get the OFFER BUILDER, so you can QUICKLY create Offers to close more sales!

So to summarize!

We provide you with the sales materials and offers!
We provide you with the training!
We have people on board 24 Hrs/day in our Live Business Center ready to try and close your sales!
We help you keep those people active on your email marketing list for future sales.
Our job is complex.

Your job is SIMPLE!


Get started today!  Promotion = Profit.

Now, after you have watched the two videos referenced above you will know exactly what to promote and where!

You will find the Landing Pages (Ad Examples) for your promotion in your Member area on the LEFT menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC.

There you will also find places to advertise for free, and recommend places for paid advertising. Use both methods if you can for BEST and FASTEST results.

So, one more time. What is your #1 and ONLY task to earn money today?


If you are new to Worldprofit or if you are stuck and need help – submit a Support Ticket. We are here to help you – just ask!
HINT: The first thing we are going to ask you though is if you watched those two videos referenced above, so be sure to do that FIRST so we know you have the basics.

REMINDER: George Kosch is does a LIVE TRAINING program on Fridays at 8 AM CT. This training is for you!
To help you understand and show you what you need to do to earn online. Access is in your Member area. We hope to see you there so we can help get YOUR name on the Top Seller’s list.