We received an interesting Tech Support Ticket this morning.

The gentleman said: “You keep telling me to promote, but how do I make money?”

The answer is this:  “If you want to make money online, you must promote.”

That’s it.

One word.


What do you promote? You promote the products and services in your Member area, there are DOZENS and DOZENS and DOZENS.

How do you promote them? Using the ad copy, ad swipes and ad examples (landing pages), tools and strategies we provide in your Member area.

Where do you promote?  Promote to the list of places we recommend in your Member area.

How often do you promote? Promote as often as you can but DO IT. 

If you do not understand this, here’s what to do: Watch the BEGINNERS VIDEO that George Kosch recorded. It will teach you the basics to get you started and on the right track to promoting and making money. You’ll find it in your Member area on TOP MENU under TRAINING.  After you have watched that video, and we do mean AFTER, then if you are still in need of direction, submit a Support ticket and ask for help.