Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Instant Sales? Here’s how.

Direct Sales Landing Pages (Instant Sales Pages)

Some of you have been asking if we offer Landing Pages WITHOUT the Live Business Center, a landing page that can be used for INSTANT sales.

The answer is YES! We have landing pages both WITH and WITHOUT the Live Business Center. Choose the one you like.

These unique landing page detail ALL that is included in the Silver Membership and are perfect for INSTANT SALES.

Included on the landing page is an order button which is designed to get people into the Silver Membership WITHOUT having to first sign up as an Associate.

We will be adding MORE landing pages like this shortly but if you have been looking for this now you can promote this one.

These landing pages are already embedded with YOUR DEALER ID so is ready to be promoted.

If you’ve got a list, or access to a safe swap list, or a favourite place to promote, POST these INSTANT Sales pages and you could score an INSTANT SALE!

Here’s how to find the Instant Sales Pages.

In your member area on TOP MENU select AD EXAMPLES then on the MINI MENU that appears on that page click on INSTANT SALES PAGES.

It’s a little tricky to find so here is a screen shot of where I am directing you.

Pssst! Some of you must have been paying attention, read this message and started promoting these Instant Sales pages – because we just got several orders in!
That’s commission in YOUR pocket. Good work!

Want to make sales? Promote. Want to make MORE sales? Promote MORE!

Did you miss the LIVE training on Friday Sept 4?

Oh boy, Better watch the recording or miss out on valuable money-making and time saving information!"

The training session was packed with good-for you information.
Something for NEW members, something for more experienced Members, and something for anyone interested in training to become a Monitor in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center.

Find out what you have to do to earn consistent income online. You will LOVE this training session! George delivered!

See workshop here:

We’re looking for people to join our Monitor Team. How about you?

Worldprofit is the only company that offers a 24 hour Monitor Network as part of our Live Business Center.

The purpose of the Live Business Center is for closing sales.
Monitors are the key people that take part in this very important sales closing system.

Monitors are volunteers. Fine people from all over the world, like Ivy Brinson, Roz Lund, Kong Sourivong, Brian Armstrong, Michel Haddad, Johan Willems, Sharon Oshatz, Wallace Johnson, Lance Sumner, Linda Elze, Garry Smith, Lisa Martiniuk, Tania Vick, Vaurn James, Graham Commander, Patrice Porter, William Buck, Michael Harris, Anthony Slate, Howard Martell, Stan Davis, Pam Sudo and many many more.

The LIVE Business Center is a POWERFUL System. ONLY offered at Worldprofit and ONLY possible through the generosity and commitment of our Monitor Team.

Those people who choose to be Monitors enjoy the following benefits.

-learning about the extensive, sophisticated, comprehensive services and training offered at Worldprofit
-development of sales closing skills
-the opportunity to help people understand the valuable services offered at Worldprofit
-perks include free traffic, free Associates
-Preferential rates on selected software and on renewal of services with Monitor ONLY reserved pricing.
-Cash Bonuses for closing sales.
-the trust, respect and appreciation of Worldprofit Management
-the enormous gratitude of Members of our community who benefit from sales being made for them! (Dealers promote and the Monitors try to close your sales.)
-building friendships all over the world

General Responsibilities of being a Volunteer Monitor

Have a solid familiarity about Worldprofit the company, and genuine belief and enthusiasm for the services offered.
Some communication and reporting is required.
Scheduling of a minimum number of hours volunteered each week – YOU pick your own hours!
Notification if unable to meet those scheduled hours and correction of scheduling on the Monitor Schedule.
Follow the training and procedures as provided.
Greet Associates as they arrive in the Live Business Center, assist them to locate the services, and make an Upgrade Offer.
Demonstrate professional conduct at all times
The #1 Priority of Monitors, is to close sales.
NOTE: Monitors are NOT required to read articles.


Ability to follow directions.
Headset for your computer.
Eagerness to learn about online marketing and sales for your own benefit while helping others do the same
Reliable Internet connection and HEADSET

You make the decision to become a Monitor, to increase your learning, leave your comfort zone, dig into Worldprofit’s central sales system, and help yourself and other Members of our Home Business Community. Being a Monitor means standing out, demonstrating you are serious about building your online business. It also means getting some generous perks including free advertising, free Associates, and CASH bonuses for sales made while on duty.

Questions about the Monitor program or suggestions, can be directed to Sandi Hunter, or George Kosch by submitting a Support Form.

Apply for the Monitor Training.

To apply to join our Monitor Team, submit a Support Ticket and say "HEY. I want to be a Monitor". We will send you the details.

One thing! The only thing you need to become a Monitor is a willingness to learn and have a HEAD SET.
Cost is about $39, here is a link to the Logitech headset we recommend.
If you have a recently purchased computer or laptop, you should have a webcamera built in so don’t worry about that.

Already contacted us about becoming a Monitor?

Great! We have sent you the details now please review that information and when you see a Senior Monitor on Duty ask if you can come up to start your training.

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