Worldprofit’s Top Sellers list, who’s at the TOP and who’s working hard to move up!

This month we have a new kid on our  Worldprofit TOP SELLERS list.

Congratulations to new Worldprofit Member, Mohamad Hanif who is currently the TOP SELLER for the month of July.
Mohamad has only been with us for just over a month and already doing what you need to do to make sales – promote consistently.

And we’ve got some other newcomers on that Top Sellers list, hats off and a pat on the back to……

Andrew Cornwell
March Duchene
Ralph Ginnson

If you are not on this list and want to be…. plan on attending the LIVE TRAINING with George Kosch Friday at 8 AM CT.
If you can’t attend, no worries, it IS recorded and you can watch later in the day.
Then buckle down, follow the training, DO WHAT we teach you to do, be patient.

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This summer Worldprofit celebrates it’s 19th birthday.

THANK YOU to our Members for YOUR SUPPORT and YOUR LOYALTY over the years!

In appreciation, you will be receiving special offers, discounts and promotion in your email on a number of services, and software that will SAVE you $$.  Watch for those and make sure our emails are NOT ending up in your spam folder or you will miss out.


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