Affiliate Marketing: Is it the right business for you?

More people are looking for a way to earn money online working from home. Whether you are a stay at home mom, or retired or some one with challenges to traditional employment, affiliate marketing is a popular and legitimate way to earn extra money. It’s easy to get started if you know what to do and what to look for in a reputable affiliate marketing company.

First, make sure the company you want to work for is legitimate. Look at their websites, know about their compensation plan, and check their track record. Check if they pay lifetime income or some kind of recurring payments. It’s important to you that you will be paid for your efforts and nothing more. There are legitimate ways of marketing products such as eBay and Amazon.

Second, make sure the affiliate program or system you want to join is the best one for you. What you should look for in a product that you want to market is the following: quality, value for money, popularity, brand, historical success, and longevity. Quality is an objective standard that you should not compromise on. High quality products will give you many sales and positive customer feedback. If you work with some junk you will get poor sales and many refund requests. You should not pay anything less than a great price for the best products possible.

The value for money is not always easy to measure. You can use a popular metric like the Amazon ranking. But this should be used with caution. There are companies who change the products on their site at any time. What works today may not work tomorrow.

The popularity metric should be done by looking at forums and search engine results. If you find products that have high popularity but low traffic, then you have found a winner. The historical success metric is a little trickier. It measures how many products are still offered by the company after 6 months. Historical success is the key metric you need to consider. It means how long do products remain in the market place. There are plenty of companies that come and go every 6 months. The longevity metric is the ultimate success metric.

The key to success with affiliate programs is finding a system with good historical success that continues to be offered. You must join a company that has a legacy in the industry and that pays its members well.

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