Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Limitations Of This Model

It’s rare that I will just flat out criticize a marketing model, which is not what I’m doing here, but if you’re an affiliate marketer or are thinking of becoming one, you need to know the limitations of this model. I’m not saying that you can’t make decent money with it, but it does have its limitations and you need to be aware of them. That way, at least you can go into this with both eyes open and a sense of reality.

Okay, so what are these limitations that I’m talking about? Well, for one thing, there is control over the process. Sure, you can choose any marketing method you like and even choose what product you promote. But regardless of what that product is, YOU are at the mercy of the product creator when it comes to price, commission structure, sales page, customer service and a number of other things.

All of this is out of your control. If the price changes, more to the point, drops, then that means you either promote it for less commission or you promote something else. If the sales page changes and that change affects conversions, again, you suffer…and so on. All those things are out of your control.

Then of course there is the competition factor. When you’re promoting your OWN product or service, any other affiliates out there promoting YOUR product are making money for YOU. When you’re promoting an affiliate product, all the other affiliates out there promoting that SAME product are making money for the product creator. They are YOUR competition. So it’s a completely different world promoting your own product. There are more opportunities to earn, unless of course you’re promoting MANY affiliate products. But then that means more work for you.

So as you can see, there are some serious limitations to promoting somebody else’s product. Naturally, on the plus side, you don’t have the hassle of product creation, which some people couldn’t do if they wanted to, and you don’t have to worry about support after the sale. That’s all in the lap of the product creator. And, you do have your choice of literally hundreds of thousands of products…some with some very hefty price tags.

As I said, you can make good money as an affiliate marketer, but it has its limitations and in many ways is harder than creating your own products. However, if you understand this going in, you’ll have a decent chance of NOT getting discouraged and may actually make a success out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

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