Awesome testimonial just in from Rich Moyer. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

Outsiders have no clue what they are missing at WorldProfit. First class tools, training, and resources to say the least, but the REAL value is the community, and responsiveness of George and Sandi to the needs of our members.

First, nobody does LIVE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS… except WorldProfit. Members are in direct communication with the brain trust – the guy who built it, the guy who supports it, and the guy who TEACHES it. Where else can you openly ask questions, and directly get answers?

I’ve seen some amazing things put into play as a result of these workshops. I made a suggestion to add editing capability to the URL Cloaker and Magic List Builder. I have literally thousands of ads on hundreds of safelists and other advertising venues. The internet changes so quickly – projects come and go, or even something as simple as a new squeeze page from an affiliate program. I would have to generate a new cloaked URL, then go to each of the sites where the original URL was posted. With so many ads – link maintenance was impossibly tedious.

To give you an idea of the scope of this issue: I have 827 cloaked links in the WP URL Cloaker, about the same number in the Magic List Builder, and 591 in my 3rd party cloaker. I have over 700 active safelist memberships in which link changes should be made. (although in reality, I only get around to the top 100). I have over 570 affiliate IDs in my database. 659 Banner URLs, and 351 landing pages.

I started using a 3rd party cloaker, in addition to the WorldProfit cloaker, primarily because it gave me the ability to change the redirect URL.

Within hours after the workshop, George had investigated the issue, and implemented the program changes to make it happen. You simply do not find this responsiveness ANYWHERE. Thank you SO Much George!!

Rich Moyer Platinum VIP

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