Awesome testimonial just in from Richard Moyer. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

It took awhile before I got around to setting it up, but when I upgraded to the "Show Home" for Platinum VIP, it included free exclusive leads.

I spent half of my career as tech support, so I was used to working with people on the phone all day long, but I have never been crazy about cold calling. The difference is that when people called ME, they were looking for help or my expertise to solve THEIR PROBLEM. With cold calling, I was trying to solve MY problem (new leads) by convincing others they HAD a problem, and then proceed to tell them how to resolve THEIR NEW FOUND PROBLEM.

Within minutes after setting up Call Loop and sending out about half a dozen Call Loop messages, I got TWO CALLS BACK that expressed interest in the Silver Member package.

I spoke with each one for about 15 minutes, and sent them a pre-defined follow-up email to their confirmed email address, and then let the magic of the Instant Silver Package promo, landing pages and video do the heavy lifting.

What a Great Tool!