Awesome Worldprofit Review and Testimonial just in from Michael Harris. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

Awesome Worldprofit Review and Testimonial just in from Michael Harris. That makes our day here at Worldprofit! Truth Must Be Told

I have been a Member of Worldprofit now over 13 years and this is a testimony I have been waiting to write and couldn’t write until the time was right. With what we all went through in 2020, we must take major action NOW if we want to do better this year. I know we all have heard and made the statement this year will be better than the last, but unless you realize that "to have something you never had before you must do something you never did before". And that one simple thing you/we must do is commit. Not to the world, not just to our families, but to ourselves. We do things for family, but to accomplish this financial goal we need, want, and deserve, we must commit to ourselves. And how do we do that? Easy. Follow good sound advice others who have accomplished what we desire have done. And that is where 3 very special Worldprofit members come in. I will try to keep this very short, but this is where the most exciting and Important information lies.

3 things happened that changed my mind and life’s direction. 1- I saw what I knew I needed in an advertisement online and I answered it. Notice didn’t say what I wanted but what I needed. If you are going to be successful in any business you must keep to the truth. The ad simply said that "if I needed all the tools to be successful online there was only one company that would provide everything in one location". This ad came from Howard Martel and at the end of the ad there was a phone number. I called and after Howard talked to me for almost 1 hour I was in. Not strictly because of the content of the ad. But because of Howard’s conversation with me. He cared enough about me to take the time to talk about life inside the WP operation. That was the beginning.

2- I called in and the 1st voice I heard was the voice of truth. I won’t call his name because whenever I mention his name it takes me hours to stop talking. But what he promised me above all else was that if I worked this business like a business, and put in the time, I would reach a point where the business would run itself. Ok, I knew this could be true because of my brick and mortal businesses run this way.

3- I took action and signed up right there. This was a business decision and it was nothin new. You must realize we make these type of decisions everyday. True life and death decisions, and this decision was based on one thing and one person. ME. If I did as Mike P. told me, nothing could stop my success but me.

Then after I saw all this I met a fella from Canada who impressed me with his simple and direct ways, Brian Armstrong. Brian simply told me if I wanted what I heard, stop lying to myself and do the work. I am the blame for my own success and failure. All George, Sandy, and Worldprofit could do was keep their company promises and provide everything they knew I needed to be successful and that they have done. Thank YOU!!!!

Now over 14 years later, just when I needed them the most, the promised fruit has born itself over the past 3 most difficult years of my life.

Live long enough and sickness and hard times will eventually come. At the end of 2018 my downward flow started and progressively got worst. So bad to the point that I had to make business decisions about what I needed to cut and what I needed to keep. I cut over 10 income flows that were working but "1" stood way higher than all the others.

My Worldprofit was making money every month. I never share what I make because when others see it, if they don’t make the same thing they holler Scam. When they in reality have not worked as hard as I had, and had not believed in themselves and the product.

Why is this so important, because at the end of 2017 I could no longer promote anything except my tax business. That’s all the energy I could muster. But guess what? Worldprofit continued to make me money month after month with no promotion from me. My commissions here were paying my Platinum membership and everything else I was doing on line. Just so you will understand, in Dec. 2018 my commissions were $428.00, it kept Christmas. In Dec. 2019 my commissions were $728.00. In 2020, after 3 years of no promotion my commission was over $1400.00. How can this be. Every promise made to me was true. Even the part where I promised to put in the time. All the previous years and hard promotion now I understood what George and Sandy, Mike, Howard, and Brian were telling me. Just do the work and believe, everything will come into being. You just do the work.

I know this is long but I had to say it. I had to give dew to what had occurred. I thank God for everything and over the years I have always thanked God for Worldprofit, it’s leaders and members. Far too many to mention. But I close with this: If you are serious about business and making money, you really have no choice but to join Worldprofit. They do it all.

Mike Harris 2021 Happiest Worldprofit Member A Thankful CEC (Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant)

PS: I am writing a long version of this email in e-book form that fills in all the spaces over the years. Why is this important? Because it will explain why and how some are successful here and others are not. It will answer why George and Sandy make decisions on the content here and why every piece of that content is precious. But after the e-book is written, George and sandy must approve it. If not I will never release it. God Bless and Thank You for listening.

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