IM Springboard

IM Springboard is a complete Internet marketing business building platform created by Brett Ingram.

He created the IM Springboard platform because he saw so many marketers struggling to get what they need to succeed–to buy it all separately and try to duct tape it together to make it work is so difficult that most marketers never make it.  The #1 goal for IM Springboard is to make it possible for ANYONE with the motivation to succeed online to make it happen.

It includes everything you need to start and grow an online business, including:

* Quickstart training shows you step by step how to setup a simple profitable Internet business in just a few days

* Live weekly online training sessions with Q&A help you learn new skills and get your questions answered

* Instant Squeeze Pages lets you setup squeeze pages in seconds with no PHP, HTML, CSS, tech skills, domain, or hosting!

* Online marketing tools let you create ecovers, squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, website headers, buy buttons, guarantee graphics, backlinks and more in just a few seconds with no tech skills

* Online training library with 100s of videos on every tech and marketing skill

* 1,000 points to spend every month on done-for-you websites, marketing tools, resell rights, and more

IM Springboard is the most complete resource I’ve seen at a bargain price. No miracle overnight bank deposits or crazy claims…just real shortcuts to build your Internet business.

It is a growing, changing membership site designed for new and growing Internet marketers. What makes IM Springboard unique is the combination of things it includes–with most Internet marketing membership sites you get 1 of 3 types:

1. Virtual warehouse of ‘stuff’ – these membership sites give you a bunch of products or tools but very little direction or coaching and they are static so as the industry changes they lose their usefulness. (PLR sites are a good example of this)

2. SaaS – the second type of membership site gives you the ability to do one thing over and over. Usually the site is very good at the one thing and may evolve as marketing changes, but you still need a lot of other things as a marketer and you don’t get much if any live coaching.

3. Coaching – the 3rd type of membership site gives you live or recorded video training. It may evolve but you don’t get the tools you need and usually the coaching is generic so you need to find out how to apply it to your specific business.

IM Springboard gives you ALL 3 types in ONE, and it’s cheaper than a lot of membership sites that only give you one of the three.

You can use the Quickstart Training + tools to build a core Internet business in a day or two, then use the other tools and training library to build it. You can get specialized live training every week and get your questions answered live too, so you never get stuck. You also can spend points to buy the specific stuff you need–from software tools to resell rights, to done-for-you websites, to even 1-on-1 coaching.

IM Springboard is NOT 1 size fits all…Instead, it fits YOU and the business you want to build. And it’s priced so affordable that EVERY wanna be marketer can use it. (It’s worth a lot more but by keeping the price down it really does help ANYONE who wants to succeed, even if they don’t have a big budget.)

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Instant Paycheck


Ewen Chia, Internet marketing superstar, created Instant Paycheck for 1 reason…to help you start making money online FAST.

He shares his own personal system for getting instant payments to his Paypal account.


You can setup mini ‘money machines’ in 20 minutes without any big investment, tech skills, or marketing experience.

You get videos and guides that walk you through it all step by step.

You just replicate his system and you can start getting instant payments to your account too…

  • The fail proof system to generating Instant cash on demand. Find out how you can literally STUFF your Paypal account with instant payments 24 hours a day!

  • The drop dead, no-nonsense strategy to building a rock solid, indestructible money-making machine using FREE resources.

  • How to make a fortune online, even if you don’t have a product, website or email list of your own!

  • The PROVEN method of automating your money-making system, so that you can continue to FLOOD your Paypal account with cold, hard cash with LITTLE effort.

  • How to generate a SWARM of targeted traffic to your offers instantly!

  • The simple, yet powerful “replication system” that reveals a simple way to EXPLODE your profits with cut & paste strategies (make more money in less time than you ever thought possible!)

  • The fastest and easiest way to start making real money online NOW, with ZERO experience, ZERO start up costs and ZERO learning curves involved.

  • PRIME sources for unstoppable profits – I’ll show you exactly WHERE to go and WHAT to do, so you are never lost or confused!

  • How to siphon instant cash from popular online websites – these are 100% FREE strategies that will literally CRUSH your Paypal account with unlimited instant cash payments!

  • The exact strategy used by money making moguls who drive in non-stop payments EVERY single day – with VERY little work involved.

  • The easy way to find hungry buyers in the most profitable markets that will send you DIRECT PAYMENTS for in-demand content (and you don’t have to create ANY of it yourself)

  • The insider secret to building an unstoppable CASH machine quickly and easily – even if you’ve NEVER done it before – this system is so incredibly easy, you have to see it to believe it.

You can get started right now with Instant Paycheck – you get instant access to the Members Area. Great product


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Affiliate Cash Snipers

Affiliate Cash Snipers is a 3-in-1 software suite that makes it point-and-click simple to tap into the literally billions of dollars in sales that the top Internet retailers rake in every year.

Unlike most Internet marketing ‘make money online’ products, Affiliate Cash Snipers focuses on retail markets and helps you make money as an affiliate of some of the top companies in the world.

The key is breakthrough software technology that lets affiliates put the “shopping” features of the Internet’s largest retail companies right into the affiliate’s own web pages. The software creates a widget you can place on your site that lets visitors search for product from top retailers right on your site.

They show the research that proves people love to use widgets like that to search and buy.

Imagine have a little shopping widget appear on your web page, just begging for visitors to click it and tell you exactly what they want to buy from massive companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more.

The income potential is huge, but most affiliate are completely missing it, because old affiliate marketing techniques simply DON’T WORK WELL for this market.

Affiliate Cash Snipers solves that problem by making it easy to grab shoppers (the key) and send them straight to what they want to buy from the best known retailers on the Internet.

It is a very unique product with a focus on big name retail. And because it’s software much of what you need to do is automated and simple. One of the big strengths of Affiliate Cash Snipers is that you’re just helping people find stuff they already want to buy instead of trying to convince people to buy something they don’t know they need.

The big companies do the advertising and promotion to get people interested in buying, and you just help them find where to buy and get paid commissions.

Great product with a unique angle on the market.

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Income Hybrid

Income Hybrid is a software product that helps you generate traffic and convert that traffic into commissions.

Income Hybrid is very easy to use and sets up in seconds. It will help you to build traffic to your newly created websites to boost them in the search engine rankings and will help you to convert more of the website visitors to buyers. This is especially great for newer internet marketers who are not that experienced with SEO and traffic generation.

Income Hybrid comes with a lot of tutorials and step by step instructions for how to get the most out of the software.

Let’s look at some of the components of Income Hybrid Software:

• Auto – Responder Integration – This is the most important component of the software as it updates the email autoresponder contact list as soon as the new person subscribes or purchases your product. This makes your work load much less. A major part of the work load is adding a new contact which is automatically done by this auto-responder integration.

• Long Tail Keywords For SEO – SEO is really an important part for the promotion of a website as it helps a lot taking it to the top of Google page 1. Income Hybrid has a SEP management system which makes the task of boosting your site in the SERPS a lot easier.

• Customizable Facebook Pages – Want to create Facebook Pages in a matter of hours? This is where the usefulness of Income Hybrid really comes in. In this, you will get already designed templates which you can use to build fan pages, quickly and easily. Not only this, you can also design your own template for a particular niche.

• RSS Feeds – This makes it really easy to convert visitors to the buyers. Income Hybrid, automatically ads different website feeds like from ebay, click bank, etc to your social networking site pages. This is also great for getting your sites ranked and building backlinks.

It takes a lot of time for people to promote their newly built website. Getting traffic is the #1 challenge most marketers and website owners face and Income Hybrid helps to solve it.

Income Hybrid is a solid product that can save you lots of hours of marketing time. While some experienced marketers will find little use for it, it will be especially useful for newbies who are not very savvy with the technical sides of marketing yet.

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Clickbank Code

The Clickbank Code is the latest product by Michael Jones. He used it to earn $48,000 in his first 4 weeks. This product consists of easy to understand videos that explain in a gradual manner his method of making money with Clickbank and how you can copy exactly what he shows to get similar results.

This is a comprehensive 28 video, 5 hour long tutorial that will show you step-by-step how to generate a lot of income from Clickbank very quickly and consistently. The Click Bank Code is totally based on the strategies that Michael used to generate over $10,000 in his very first week with Clickbank.

Michael also says that the detailed strategies contained in this course have never been talked about before and it’s these methods that have enabled Michael to earn big money in such short space of time.

In the course you will learn the website (secret) where you’ll find the best most profitable Clickbank products to promote. The steps that you can take to leave the affiliate crowd behind. The strategies that you can implement to start making money almost instantly.

You will also learn how to pick a product. According to Michael a product must have 2 things before you start promoting it. You will get the exact information that Michael used to decide which products he wanted to promote. Why the keywords with too many words in it are not a good idea to use. The 16 things that your websites need to have in order to get a great quality score for cheap clicks. The videos show you how to avoid getting the Google Slap or if you get one how to come back fast. The video tutorials consist of these modules.

Module 1: This provides the basic Clickbank and affiliate marketing knowledge for new affiliates.

Video 1: General introduction to Clickbank Code
Video 2: Introduction to Clickbank
Video 3: The 3 most important steps for affiliate marketers
Video 4: Explanation of affiliate marketing terms and lingo
Video 5: Introduction to the Clickbank products selection process
Video 6: Choosing winning products, intro to keyword research

Module 2: Module 2 is about how to perform keyword research

Video 1: Performing keyword research
Video 2: Keyword analysis and selection

Module 3: Shows you how to create a website

Video 1: Overview of website creation process
Video 2: Choosing and registering a domain
Video 3: Choosing a hosting service
Video 4: Landing page creation
Video 5: Website landscape
Video 6: Testing your site

Module 4: Teaches about AdWords

Video 1: Overview of AdWords
Video 2: Knowing when to cut your losses
Video 3: Finding your winners and maximizing profit
Video 4: Solutions for common AdWords problems

Module 5: Contains information on article marketing

Video 1: Overview of article marketing
Video 2: Article research
Video 3: Writing tips
Video 4: Promoting your article

Module 6: You learn how to get free traffic

Video 1: Overview of module
Video 2: Comparison of SEO & PPC
Video 3: Benefits of merging SEO & PPC
Video 4: Finding related forums
Video 5: Forum marketing
Video 6: Effective forum marketing

The videos provide detailed information that new affiliates can use to make profits from their websites.

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