GASP! This is unreal!

Last week George Kosch said to me, “Sandi, I have an idea. It’s going to make PROMOTION super-easy!  It’s going to save our Members a huge amount of time and generate a ton of leads. They going to FREAK OUT when I show them this. “

Then he disappeared for a week the only indication he was still in the office was a continuous pecking away at a keyboard sounding like a man possessed.

Today he emerged all smiles. “It’s DONE!”

George decided to do what George does best: create something to help our Members easily build their own business.

His latest gizmo is called PROMO-BOTS.

This new PROMO-BOTS tool, is actually a number of tools all in one that allow you to simply CLICK to promote.

It’s EASY to use! Even for newbies! 

We think this tool is so VITAL in helping you promote and build your business we couldn’t charge for it.  We simply couldn’t. It’s that important that you have access to this.


When you see PROMO-BOTS in action you will agree this is POWERFUL! 
This is a time-saver!
This is an easy way to generate leads, leads and more leads!

We want everyone to get their hands on this and get started now.


Plus! We have already integrated it in your Member area for SUPER-FAST promotion of the Money Makers Products, the ClickBank Products and more!  

YES! Use it for ALL your Affiliate Marketing Programs and the programs we recommend,  not just Worldprofit services.   

You really have to see the video that George recorded to see how PROMO-BOTS are going to benefit you in a BIG way. 

Once you have watched the video you can get STARTED using Promo-Bots!

Here’s the link to the VIDEO:

You will find the PROMO-BOTS section in your member area, on TOP MENU  select PROMO-BOTS.
Let us know what you think!