Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 14 February 2020

Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch got right down to business kicking off the training for Friday Feb 7th, 2020.

Featured Training Topics

  • You may be missing important email. What to do to make sure you get email not just from Worldprofit but from other important company sources that are ending up in your junk / spam folder. Whitelisting, filters and more. It’s WORTH your time to do this.
  • SAVE yourself a TON of time in your promotion, your emails, your newsletters and more with these powerful tips from George.
    These tips will keep you SANE, and BOOST the time you have available for promotion.
  • BONUSES. Progress to LESSON 3 in the online bootcamp training, watch the video to learn how to activate your purchase bonuses
  • Your Profile. Signature File. Skype.
  • LIVE VIDEO Meetings. Options.
  • Remember the pen and paper? Get a notebook, write down your USER NAMES and Passwords. Also use a password manager like RoboForm

Featured Worldprofit Services

FREE PROMOTION CODES: George revealed where to go in your Member area how to get hundreds of dollars in FREE advertising. use this for promoting any affiliate links, or to promote your Worldprofit links. 3 new sites just added, you have over 72 places listed in our Promo CODE CENTER.

Special Offer

Upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership and…

  • Earn DOUBLE the commission (40 – 80%) Plus Qualify for New Sales Volume Bonuses
  • Get Worldprofit’s Unlimited Use Autoresponder – free.
  • Get the Clickbank Super Store and Sales Manager – free
  • Get the SOLO EMAIL Blaster. You can send to 15,000 Subscribers EVERY 3 days!
  • and during this offer get a VIP Package valued at $100 – includes leads, advertising and more.
  • Want the Details? Submit a Support Ticket and request "Platinum VIP UPGRADE Offer" ?https://www.worldprofit.com/dealers/default.cfm?template=support.cfm


If you have not yet started the online training, you will find the Bootcamp Lesson Summary on the LEFT MENU under BOOTCAMP TRAINING.
Lesson 3 is critical to your success. Go at your own pace.
If you ned help submit a Support Ticket, help is here 7 days a week.
We just ask that you clearly state BRIEFLY what you need help with, and that you submit only 1 issue per ticket.

Looking for trusted advertising for your Affiliate Programs?
See all your advertising options at https://www.worldprofit.com/dealers/adservices
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Join World Profit’s social site
https://community.worldprofit.com – create your own profile, add a picture, create a niche group, add your affiliate links, post your blog, share video links. Great place to get free promotion for your business interests and network with others in the affiliate marketing world, get backlinks to your site, great for SEO and more. This is a valuable and under-utilized free service.

Don’t sign up for a FREE Associate membership account.
As a Silver or Platinum VIP Member you get unlimited full benefits and privileges – you do NOT Need a free Associate membership account.
If you sign up for a free Associate account in error, submit a support ticket and ask that we delete it for you so you don’t confuse your logins.
Please write down your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership login details and keep it handy.

Here’s the link to watch the Feb 14, 2020 RECORDING from World Profit’s Bootcamp Training.


Your next LIVE interactive training session is FRIDAY February 21, 2020. 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Make the MOST of your Learning Experience at Worldprofit.
To get the most benefit from Worldprofit’s LIVE weekly training, we urge you to come on time, ask questions, request demonstrations, listen, learn, take notes. If you can’t attend the LIVE sessions send your questions in via Support Ticket PRIOR to the next LIVE training session.
George Kosch will answer your questions during the session and you can watch the recording later at a time convenient for you to get the answers.
The LIVE training compliments the online bootcamp lessons, over 125 lessons many with help videos that you can progress through at your own pace.

About your Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder, George Kosch.
George Kosch is a former Captain (Jet Pilot) in the Royal Canadian Air Force, he took early retirement 25 years ago to create Worldprofit Inc., in 1994 along with co-founder Sandi Hunter. Every Friday, Worldprofit provides members with LIVE interactive training to teach you about affiliate marketing, to help you access and use the tremendous number of resources in your membership, all designed with 1 purpose – to help you grow your own successful online business. Who better to teach you then the actual architect of Worldprofit’s software, training and marketing system, George Kosch himself.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch Capt (ret’d) CEO & CoFounder Worldprofit.com

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