Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 18 May 2018

Review: Worldprofit’s Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch presented LIVE Friday May 18th, 2018.

Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch covered a lot of material in this training session.

Questions are encouraged at any time during the training. Don’t be shy! This training is for YOU, make it most meaningful by being an active participant, request demonstrations, ask question for instant answers. Member input is so important.

A. Worldprofit System.
-Promotion tools
-List builders, lead generators, traffic strategies included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership
-24 HOUR Live Business Center for sales closing assistance
-Back end sales and technical support
-Online lessons, LIVE interactive weekly training

Lesson 3 – why it is the MOST important lesson of all 125 lessons.
f you haven’t progressed to Lesson 3 and watched the video, we urge you to do so right away so you don’t miss out on valuable traffic bonuses.
If you aren’t getting the sales numbers you want, REVIEW LESSON 3 video again to make sure you are promoting the RIGHT way, doing what you need to do to get clicks and sales conversions.

C: Earning Sales Commission

All the ways you can earn at Worldprofit as you grow your own successful online business earning from multiple reputable sources.

-Earning in your own affiliate programs
-Earning from Worldprofit sales referrals
-Earning from sales of our recommended vendors
-Worldprofit tools, resources and training available to Silver and Platinum VIP Members
-Renewals, residual income

D: Getting paid your Worldprofit sales referral commissions.
Update your settings to indicate your commission payout preferences. Commissions are paid on the 15th.

E: Promotion.
Want sales? Promote consistently to get sign ups and sales conversions.
The tools, resources and software to do so are in your member area. The bootcamp training lessons teach you how.


Your Sales Center.
eorge provided an introduction and demonstration of your Sales Center. What it is and how to use it.
The Sales Center is customizable by you, add images, pages, links etc, and is INCLUDED in both the Silver Membership AND the Platinum VIP Membership. We are in the process of adding some new features and enhancements to the Sales Center, watch for announcements in coming weeks.

LIVE Sales Chat – how to add it to your pages.
George showed on screen how to connect with your prospects instantly using LIVE Sales Chat. You can add this to your landing pages, your website, sales pages, offer pages etc. This is powerful and very helpful for interacting with your prospects to build trusted business relationships. Watch the HELP Video in your Member area to see how to use it in more detail.


1. SAVE BIG $$
Convert your monthly Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to a ONE YEAR Membership and save HUGE over paying the standard monthly rate. You can even score some nice loyalty bonuses! To get your personalized quote submit a Support Ticket and ask for a quote.

2. What’s coming!
The new Worldprofit LIVE Chat System universal to mobile, desk top, tablet is now in development and undergoing rigorous testing. This eventually will be the replacement of Worldprofit’s popular, long-lived successful LIVE BUSINESS CENTER as flash gets phased out. This is a major time consuming project for developers, the work is involved, however steady progress continues. Very exciting!

We are looking for Members interested in joining our volunteer Monitor Team.
It’s fun. It’s rewarding. You earn some nice perks. Best way to learn as you earn and grow your business.
Get details by submitting a Support Ticket.

Featured Worldprofit Services

Worldprofit’s Autoresponder System (included in Platinum VIP Membership) – simple, powerful, easy to use – upgrade and get it FREE
Image and PDF/ Ebook Hosting Service – Free file storage for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members
Worldprofit Community http://community.worldprofit.com – great place to network and promote any affiliate programs
Worldprofit Video Library http://www.WorldprofitTube.com – watch videos on affiliate marketing, training, search by key words
Worldprofit Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/worldprofitrocks
WordPress Blogs (hosting available at Worldprofit for minimal one time fee) – blogs are candy for search engines


Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training. Your input, your suggestions are so important, the products we offer at Worldprofit are often improved in future versions/upgrades based on user feedback.

-> Next LIVE Home business and affiliate marketing training with George Kosch is Friday May 25th, 2018 – 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

A few comments / questions from training participants

Janne: Thats why I love Worldprofit
Jesse: How can I get my live chat inc to work on the main pages like I just saw Sandi’s popup?
Janne: I just got like 8 email after the update of sales center
Ronny: Show where Sales Center is found again please.
Jesse: I use livechat on my other websites so am very familiar with it… just not how to get it going here
Brian: If you use Worldprofits magic list builder the live chat will show up on any site
Janne: I think Worldprofit is ultimate business building suite… you build any business here just nby using these tools
Lee: Will the new LBC work on mobil?
Janne: I really love to do this… it is awesome to help others
Janne: I have one: Can Rotator Genie also to do team traffic rotator?
Graham: Wonderful
Graham: How much will it cost for us to use ?
Brian: Being able to communicate with mobile is a game changer.
Sandi Hunter: Thank you to everyone who came today for the training. Have a nice wknd!
Fran: Thank you good meeting!
Jesse: awesome for presentations like this and everyone can see each other on video

Yours In Success,
George Kosch is co-founder and CEO of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 23 years.

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