Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 26 October 2018

Recap and Review: Worldprofit’s Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch presented LIVE Friday Oct 26, 2018.

Worldprofit’s weekly interactive affiliate marketing and home business training is available at no cost to all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit is also your personal coach and trainer, learn direct from one of the first successful .com business success stories, and a pioneer in the Affiliate marketing industry. Questions and requests for demonstrations are encouraged to make this training most meaningful to you. Don’t be shy. You create your own success, we provide the tools, resources and helping hand..

Training Topics

  • Getting started. New Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member? What you should be doing to get off to the best possible start
  • Online Bootcamp Training Lessons. Why Lesson 3 is VITAL to your success in this program or ANY OTHER program.
  • Want results? Get promoting. No promotion ? No results.
  • Backlinks – what you need to know
  • George’s 3 Recommended MUST-HAVE tools for effectively growing your online business
  • Recommended tool for your WordPress blog vital to social media integration
  • Paid Advertising and Promotion, recommendations
  • Worldprofit’s 20+ Income / Traffic Streams
  • Worldprofit’s Rotator Genie
  • Worldprofit Lesson Summary

Featured Demonstration

Worldprofit’s Advanced Ad Tracker and URL Shrinker

  • How to create a BUNDLE in Worldprofit’s new Advanced Ad Tracker and URL Shrinker

Featured Worldprofit Tools

  • Worldprofit’s Link Manager
  • Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center
  • Worldprofit’s Monitor Program – how YOU benefit
  • WordPress Blogs hosted at Worldprofit
  • Ebook Creator and Rebrander
  • Worldprofit’s Image and Ebook File Hosting System

What’s New – Updates and more

Update for Worldprofit Monitors

Monitor Training Meeting Saturday Oct 27th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
A link to access will be emailed out Saturday morning.


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TIP: If you have trouble seeing the screen during the training…. to increase the size of the text on your screen hold down the CONTROL button then scroll up or down with your mouse to enlarge or make smaller what you see on the screen. You can use this technique any time you are browsing.


Take away notes: Focus on promotion. Your Worldprofit Member area has numerous tools, and resources but don’t get distracted. Put 80% of your effort into promotion. Learn a little – promote a lot! Do your promotion as often as you can. Lesson 3 covers the fundamentals. Watch that video, watch it again if you need to. Master the basics of promotion and apply that to any and ALL your online programs, Worldprofit or other. Promotion is what keeps leads coming in, builds your traffic, makes your business GROW!

Thank you to everyone who attended Worldprofit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training Friday Oct 26, 2018 presented by Worldprofit Inc, hosted by instructor George Kosch.

The next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday November 2, 2018.

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A few comments / questions from training participants

Mary: How do backlinks work?
Robert: Can we use the Advance Ad Tracker with our WP links? Should we use it before cloaking URL? I have noticed that the Affiliate Link Blaster does not show where my Assoc. come from (Safelist, TE’s)
John: Why do redirect errors occur?
Mary: That’s excellent – THANKS
Bobbi Jo: I LOVE Worldprofit
Will: I want to set up a PLR Book Store, but haven’t quite figured it out yet using the WorldProfit system
Mary: Thanks for video on Call Loop, it was thorough, the company page didn’t give sufficient information. I suggested they make their site "user friendly". Thanks again for your efficiency in giving us "complete" details.
Will: The eBook File Hosting part is what I don’t understand.
Colin: Overloaded!
Will: The ads, banners, WorldProfit marketing methods are VERY effective!
Bobbi Jo: Some people just dont want to understand
Will: I have had 2 sign ups using the WorldProfit Ad Stream alone!!!
Mary: George, you are a dedicated, sincere programmer. You keep us flying….I won’t hit the ground.
Will: Every time I log in to WorldProfit, I am SHOCKED by how much beneficial stuff is here!
Robert: Thank George and Sandi never have to go anywhere ele it’s all here
Tania: Thanks a bunch for the new LBC. Awesome!
Deborah: Thanks George and Sandi.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch is co-founder and CEO of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 23 years.

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