Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 3 September 2021

Recap of Sep 3 training session with George Kosch, Training Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc.

Training participants can ask questions during the LIVE participatory session to get instant answers, or demonstrations as needed.

Topics and discussions in this session

  • I’m new. How and where do I get my bonuses?
  • Where do I start, what can I expect
  • Promotion Basics
  • Time Savers for SPEEDING up your promotion
  • Free Associate program vs Silver Membership
  • Worldprofit Traffic sources and option
  • How to get your MONTHLY Traffic Injections
  • The secret? Follow Worldprofit’s training system, it’s a recipe for success perfected over many years
  • The tools, resources, software, and training in your Silver or Platinum VIP membership to help you start and GROW your business
  • Success and Support are intertwined, Worldproft supports you so you can be successful
  • Multiple streams of income integrated into Worldprofit’s marketing platform
  • Skeptical? Try it. Do the progam, follow the training, make a commitment to yourself to make it work

Worldprofit teaches you how to promote any AFFILIATE program – and…
you get a comprehensive platform with the key resources and tools critical to your success in ALL your online business programs.

  1. Use the resources INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to build your brand, get backlinks, build SEO, get leads, traffic, social footprint, grow your list for any and all your online programs.
  2. Silver and Platinum VIP Members get PREMIUM Traffic reserved for our paid subscription members.
    Free members don’t get access to any of the Premium Traffic or any of the privileges upgraded paid members enjoy.
  3. Platinum VIP Membership:
    Benefits. Upgrade from Silver to Platinum earn DOUBLE the commission, Autoresponder, MEGA monthly traffic injections, Graphics studio, CB Store, Solo blaster privileges etc.
    Full details by submitting a Support Ticket and request VIP Upgrade offer.