Home Business Bootcamp Update: Today’s Question and Answer Feature:

Question: If an Associate does not upgrade to Silver Membership, are they of any value?

Answer: YES! 100% YES! Here’s why. 

When people sign up for a free Worldprofit Associate Membership,  these Associates are extremely valuable to you!

Here are the reasons why you cannot underestimate the value of your Associate Members:

1. When someone becomes an Associate they MUST come in through the Member area. This is key because it means you know when they login and how many times they login!   These details are stored under the “Who’s Logged In” section linked in the top of YOUR Member area.

2. When Associates login they see an offer to UPGRADE and purchase  a Silver package, when they buy you get a 20% commission as a Silver member, and 30% as a Platinum VIP Member.  (Don’t forget the additional 5% on the second level and the New Sales Volume bonuses too).

3. Your Associates are sent a newsletter automatically every few days from Worldprofit with products, offers and enticements to login. When they do login, you get an email notification. When they buy one of those products under you, then you get a commission.  If they upgrade to Silver or Platinum VIP Membership you get a commission.

4. When Associates sign up you are also building your OWN Email marketing list. You have heard George talk about the CRITICAL IMPORTANCE of building your list during the weekly bootcamps. Building your list gives you SALES POWER! When you have a good quality list you can use that list to sell ANY product or service. Perhaps someone is not interested in Worldprofit but they are interested in one of the Clickbank products, or they may buy any of the 50 Money maker products, or they might buy one of your Fast Cash products, or sign up under you in a Safelist, or they may buy whatever else you are promoting/selling. Get the idea?      A list of people EQUALS more money in your pocket.

5. You can Promote ClickBank products to your Associates, when they buy you get 100% commission on the sale of ClickBank products.  The Worldprofit Member area is PACKED with things you can sell to your Associates whether they are a Silver member or not!  You’ve got the Money Maker products, FastCash products, 20 Income Streams and so much more. We have built in MULTIPLE ways for you to make money from a variety of reputable sources. 

6. When you send your own newsletter to your Associates, you can promote ANYTHING YOU LIKE, not just Worldprofit products.  Sell your OWN products and services to your Associates, they are your leads. 

7. Promote the Worldprofit Reseller products, when your Associate buys an item you get 80% commission on the sale.  If you are a PLATINUM VIP Member you can also sell the 215+ PLR products in your PLR Store, and keep 100% of the sales generated.

8. When you email an offer, or a newsletter to your Associates, or place a phone call,  you are building a relationship with these people. Successful businesses are about building strong relationships.  Build your mailing list and build your business by staying in regular contact with your Associates.   

9. Don’t forget about your Prospect Emailer. This is within your Prospect manager tool in your Member area.   Using your Prospect Emailer, You can email offers, incentives, products etc to  that list of people as well!

10. Never, ever, ever underestimate the value of a lead – of an Associate. People JUMP from program to program, their financial situation changes, their interests change. The more Associates you have the more POSSIBLE  BUYERS you have, today, tomorrow and down the road! Building your list and your sales is a MARATHON not a Sprint.  

Worldprofit provides you with dozens and dozens of products and services you can sell – and of course you may also have your own products/services/affiliate programs. The key to building multiple streams of income is to have access to a solid list. When you sign up Associates you are building your list and your sales for ALL your income generating programs.  If this is not clear than you are not understanding a core and key element to making money in this program, so watch the bootcamp videos and try to attend the next LIVE bootcamp session.