Question: I want to promote my own affiliate programs not just Worldprofit services, how can I do this?

Answer:  If you are promoting your own Affiliate programs, that’s GREAT!

We teach you how to build your online business with MULTIPLE streams of income so make sure you tap into these sure fire traffic tools and strategies in your Member area.     Here’s just 10 ways (there’s many more) that are at your finger tips!


TRAFFIC! If you have another website, or affiliate products you want to drive traffic to you are in the right place.
In your Member area, look in the following sections; ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC and SOLO EMAIL BLASTER, and PROMO CODE CENTER, and TRAFFIC CONTROL.
Within 24 hours of joining Worldprofit as a Silver Member you can be posting your ops to 150,000 people!
EVERY MONTH you get FREE Advertising privileges, details in your Member area.


Look in the PLR Store! We have over 215 FREE products for you to download and use. Worldprofit buys these products and provides them to our members at NO COST. Look for these in your Member area under the TOP MENU, select PLR STORE.
You also get all of the items in the GOODY BAG free too! Look for this on the left menu in your Member area.
Combined these freebies alone are valued at over $2500. KEEP anything you download.


Money Makers Kit:  If you are looking for even more Affiliate programs to promote and profit from, we have handpicked a number of affiliate programs and posted them in your Member area under the MONEY MAKERS section. Have a look, when you promote these products by these vendors you keep 100% of the profits.

NEW! We have just added a new FAST CASH Money-Making. We have 14 ready made turn -key programs for you to get started promoting to put money in your pocket. You keep 100% of the sales you make.  You will find these in your Member area on the left menu under the MONEY MAKERS section or on the TOP MENU under FASTCASH. 

NEW! Check out the new LEAD FUNNEL and PROMO MANAGER. Both are brand new and FREE for you as a Silver or Platinum VIP Member. Use these tools to promote ANY AND ALL your other affiliate programs, biz ops, MLMs etc. Find these on the left menu under the MONEY MAKERS section. 


NEW! Check out the brand new PROMO-BOTS! These can be used to promote ANY and ALL your affiliate programs LIGHTENING FAST!  Find this on the TOP MENU – click on PROMO-BOTS. This is a HUGE time saver for doing ALL your promotions at once!

FREE LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP at – Did you know that ALL Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a LIFETIME FREE MEMBERSHIP!  Details are in your Member area, so login and start sending your affiliate promotion copy of to this large optin list.   

Oh and if you are into learning about SEO, and increasing your site ranking, check out the SEO tools we have in your Member area too. 

And, coming soon we have the new SEO OPTIMIZER PRO service which will offer even more promotion benefits for our Members with automated mass promotion.


OH! OH! One more very important thing. Make sure you understand ALL THE WAYS you can make money with Worldprofit!
In your Member area on the left menu under “SALES and COMMISSION” review the Commission and BONUS Program!
You can earn commissions from 20 – 100% PLUS earn bonuses up to $1000+!


We hope to see YOU at the next LIVE Bootcamp Training session with George Kosch!  This training is to help you learn exactly what you need to do to make money online – no matter what program(s) you are promoting. The programs are interactive so bring all your questions, watch, listen, learn then profit.  Watch the Message Board in your Member area for dates and times.