Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 2 July 2021

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training Day is LIVE and interactive every Friday, OPEN to all Silver and Platinum VIP Members

Here’s a recap of July 2 training session with George Kosch, Training Instructor, CEO, Co-Founder of Worldprofit Inc.

Discussion, Training Points and Demonstrations

  • FOCUS: LEAD GENERATION, the why and how of generating consistent leads, landing pages, offers, optins, how to get BEST results
  • Reality Check for your business and your expectations
  • Getting started in Worldprofit’s system what you need to know about how this works for you to power your own online business
  • PLR Products: What they are and how to use them for yourself and to giveaway to get leads – how to access your Worldprofit PRL Vault
  • Sales Funnels
  • PLR and Ebook Store
  • Website Plus – advanced topic for more experienced
  • NEW PLR Products just added JULY 1
  • Featured Services: Prospect Manager, Cool Tools, Link Manager, Link Magic, SEARCH box
  • BIRTHDAY SALE! Worldprofit’s 27th BIRTHDAY Sale starts now! Special offers on 1, 2 and 3 year Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships.
  • HELP! How to get SUPPORT 7 days a week / 365 Days a year

Worldprofit teaches you how to promote any AFFILIATE program – and…
you get a comprehensive platform with the key resources and tools critical to your success in ALL your online business programs.

  1. Use the resources INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to build your brand, get backlinks, build SEO, get leads, traffic, social footprint, grow your list for any and all your online programs.
  2. Silver and Platinum VIP Members get PREMIUM Traffic reserved for our paid subscription members.
    Free members don’t get access to any of the Premium Traffic or any of the privileges upgraded paid members enjoy.
  3. Platinum VIP Membership:
    Benefits. Upgrade from Silver to Platinum earn DOUBLE the commission, Autoresponder, MEGA monthly traffic injections, Graphics studio, CB Store, Solo blaster privileges etc.
    Full details by submitting a Support Ticket and request VIP Upgrade offer.

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 27 July 2018

Review: Worldprofit’s Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch presented LIVE Friday July 27th 2018.

George Kosch’s weekly interactive affiliate marketing and home business training is available at no cost to all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit is also your personal trainer, learn direct from one of the first successful pioneers of Affiliate marketing.

Training Topics

Worldprofit’s Sales Funnels. We’ve now added an 11th Sales funnel to the 10 previously available.
All 11 are set up for you, we’ve done it all. You simply promote and keep 100% of the sales you make.
George demonstrated how easy it is to use and make money with these included Sales Funnels.

Worldprofit’s Rotator Genie – George provided a demonstration of how to use and make money with your own Sales Rotator System

How to use Post Box – DEMONSTRATION of this recommended optional email management program.

How to Remove Emails from your Prospect Manager Software

Worldprofit’s Autoresponder
George provided a demonstration of some new features being added to Worldprofit’s popular Autoresponder.
Official release is expected this weekend, watch for details.
Once you see the power of this simple to use Autoresponder and Business Builder you won’t want or need for any other.
Save your money. This Autoresponder will meet all your needs.
Enjoy the simplicity of no learning curve, select multiple list sends, schedule mailings, saved archive templates, no subscriber limits, 100% CanSpam compliant, and so much more.
All current and upgrading Platinum VIP Members will get the upgraded Autoresponder at no extra cost.
Silver members can get it by ordering for a modest yearly rate, or get it free when you upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership during our Birthday Offer.
Access: LEFT MENU select AUTORESPONDER, in that section watch the HELP VIDEO to get started.


1. Worldprofit’s 24th Birthday Sale-abration now on.

SAVE as much as 60% on selected packages and grab up some nice loyalty bonuses!

A: Convert your monthly Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to a ONE YEAR Membership and save HUGE (AS MUCH AS 60%) over paying the standard monthly rate. You can also score some nice loyalty bonuses!
To get your personalized quote submit a Support Ticket and ask for a quote.
The link to access Support is on the top menu in your Member area.

B: We’ve got SPECIAL OFFERS in place now for many of our most popular services and software.
Got your eye on our advertising packages? How about having your own Safelist? What about getting your own blog? What about a Combo Pack? Pick what you want and ask for a Combo Offer.
Whatever it is let us know what you’re interested in and we will send you the private offers not available publicly or in your Member area.

We are looking for Members interested in joining our volunteer Monitor Team.
If you like to help people Monitoring is for you.
It’s fun. It’s rewarding. You earn some nice perks. Best way to learn as you earn and grow your business.
Get details by submitting a Support Ticket.

To all our current Monitors – THANK YOU FOR all that you for for Worldprofit’s Home Business community.


Thank you to everyone who attended Worldprofit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training.

-> Next LIVE Home business and affiliate marketing training with George Kosch is Friday August 3rd, 2018 – 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch is co-founder and CEO of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 23 years.

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 5 Jan 2018

Worldprofit Review of George Kosch’s Home Business and Affiliate marketing bootcamp training Jan 5, 2018.

After completing 52 weekly training sessions in 2017, George Kosch kicked off the first session of 2018 with some updates for Worldprofit Members.

Questions are encouraged throughout the training – and we had a lot of eager particiants today with lots of great questions!
Participants can also request demonstrations during the interactive training.

Updates, Feature Topics and Demonstrations

Congratulations to Linda Elze, Worldprofit’s Sales Champion for 2017!
Applause for everyone who made sales this past year, and a CHEER for those who made it to the TOP 10 list.
How do you get there? Focus on the training and consistently promote.

NEW Sales Funnel is ready now called "BitCoin Profit Secrets". ALL the set up is done for you! One click and you are promoting.
Keep 100% of the commission you earn on the sales of these Sales Funnel Products.
Worldprofit Members now have access to 10 ready-made sales funnels.
Access in your Member area on LEFT MENU under Website Management select SALES FUNNEL BUILDERS
All Members get access to these products at no cost in your Member area.
Platinum VIP Members you get the additional bonus of the complete VIDEO Course that accompanies the Ebook.

New Landing Page is available to generate Associate sign ups.
Access this new page and other landing pages, in your Member area on TOP MENU click on AD EXAMPLES

We are looking to update our Testimonials section of our website and we need your help.
We would appreciate if Members would submit Testimonials about the services and training you have received at Worldprofit.
Submit in your Member area on right column near the top click on SUBMIT TESTIMONIAL
Or, if logged in to your Member area this direct link will work.
Thank you in advance!

Cool Tools section of Member area for speeding up your promotion and getting organized.
Access on TOP MENU select COOL TOOLS.


Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session today.

Worldprofit’s next LIVE interactive bootcamp and affiliate marketing training session, is Friday Jan 12, 2018.

A few comments and questions from training participants

Paul: what’s the new funnel?

Bobbi Jo: Beth the Videos on each item you select are really great, work step by step

Rich: New funnel is great – nice job

Bill: Coming up on two years now with Worldprofit…. more excited that ever to be a Dealer

Bill: The most exciting part has begun… when your referrals start making money as well
Beth: I love Bitcoin, making money right now with it!

Deyontavis: No questions! Let’s get promoting!

Bobbi Jo: Yes it’s going to be a great year, because I’m going to pass up Linda

Beth: Thanks this training is great. More personal

Michael: What determine what TEs you add to the Traffic Streams

Bill: looking forward to an exciting 2018 ….and wish all the best for all of you as well

Robert: right now I promote 99% of my time

Beth: Can you explain the difference between SafeLists and Traffic Exchanges?

Bobbi Jo: If I can’t sleep I jump on and check the Monitor List or if no one is there I try to jump in, just in case.

Beth: So the Bitcoin Ad Exchange is just for Bitcoin?

Beth: Ok, got it! Good idea

Linda Elze: awesome as usual..thank you George

Charity: Thanks George & Sandi!!!! 🙂

Vijian: Thank you George.

Robert: great session Thank You George

Bobbi Jo: Happy New Year, Thank you so much George

Linda: what about the bonuses for one year memberships?

Sandi: Linda, anyone interested in converting to a One Year membership to enjoy some nice bonuses should submit a Support form to get a personalized quote

Yours In Success,
George Kosch is co-founder and CEO of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 23 years.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 9 June 2017

What you missed and how to access the recording.

Instructor: George Kosch, Software Engineer, CEO and Co-Founder, Worldprofit Inc.

Today’s session was briefer than normal as George has a commitment immediately following the training session.

The online bootcamp training lessons located in your MEMBER area, accompany the LIVE weekly interactive sessions every Friday.

Major Topics covered:

Question about FUNNELS submitted from Member, Babara Forberg, answered and illustrated on screen. Thank you Barbara for submitting your request.

New Affiliate Marketing course to be added for Platinum VIP Members. We purchased the rights to this course and will be posting it next week.
This is one more resource for our Members to use to enhance your learning from a number of expert sources.

Click Bank Promo Kit (included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)

The next LIVE interactive training session is Friday June 16th, 2017 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
Hope to seee you there!

Yours In Success,
George Kosch
CEO Worldprofit

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Jan 29, 2016 presented by Worldprofit’s marketing expert George Kosch

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Jan 29, 2016 presented by Worldprofit’s marketing expert George Kosch

The refreshing thing about George Kosch’s weekly LIVE interactive training is the absence of HYPE.
The purpose of the weekly training is to HELP you understand internet marketing and all facets of business building as well as how to benefit from Worldprofit’s system. Members receive solid, "good-for-your bank accoount" strategies for earning consistent online income from a number of reputable sources.

For over an hour each week George shows on screen step by step what you need to do to grow your online business.
He discusses common misconceptions, exposes myths, answers questions from participants, and delivers the odd kick in the pants to those who need it. George demonstrates the tools and software included in Worldprofit’s Silver Membership that can be used to generate leads, build traffic, grow your lists, and make sales in a number of income programs.

Specific Training Topics Covered in this session

-The Importance of following the online bootcamp lessons. Focus. Go at your own pace
-Promotion Basics critical to the success of online marketers. Consistency.
-Worldprofit’s Marketing System. Comprehensive.
-Beating the Bots with Captchas. Critical.
-The Double Optin Delemna.
-Filtering good leads from bad. Avoid wasting your money on bogus leads from shady sellers.
-Protecting your business interests.

What’s New.

What we’ve done that is DOUBLING sales from Associates…
George offered information on Worldprofit’s new OTO Pages (One Time Offers) for Associates.

-New Sales Funnel Added called, Turbo Site Builder. Sell it and keep all the money!
-New Plugin Blog Added called, Rocket Builder Blog. Includes over 100 ready made templates in any niche!

MONITOR TRAINING meeting is Saturday Jan 30 at 11 AM ET (10 AM CT)

The recording of the training session was recorded and can be found in the TRAINING section of your Member area within 24 hours, or use this direct access link:


Thank you to everyone who attended the training program. We encourage and appreciate your active participation and enthusiasm. Love the positive energy! Attitude is everything.

The next LIVE interactive home business bootcamp with George Kosch is Friday Feb 5, 2016 at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

It all starts with LEARNING … now get busy with the DOING. Login to your Member area and get started on the bootcamp lessons or continue your progress and for the love of dogs, DO your promotions. Sales come from PROMOTION. The more you promote the better. All the tools, resources, landing pages and recommended promotion sites and MORE are in your Member area.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 15 January 2016

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp with George Kosch Jan 15, 2016.

Today’s LIVE training session was also broadcast LIVE via Periscope.
We are trying out Periscope and if it meets our needs will continue to do so for the benefit of our Members.

Questions and requests for demonstrations are encouraged throughout the training to add to the value you get from this training.

Training Topics

The Free Associate membership
Silver Membership upgrade for full privileges
Bootcamp Training Lessons
Training lessons are scalable to your interest, experience and abilities
Landing Page Builder
List Building

Affiliate Lead Grabber System


1. George expressed appreciation to Worldprofit’s Monitor Team. The schedule is full thanks to you!
New Monitor trainees are encouraged to come up for training anytime when convenient for you.

2. Commissions were sent out today. The 15th is and always has been pay day for Worldprofit Members.

Featured Worldprofit Services

NEW! Released Jan 14, 2016, Worldprofit’s Affiliate Lead Grabber System. Verifiable Value added service for Worldprofit Members.
George provided a demonstration so Members can see first hand how to benefit from this new included service that allows you to generate leads while building your list.

Lazy Blogger – Bloggers take note! You don’t need to buy Hoote Suite or any other Social Media Manager as long as you have Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger System.
Use the Lazy Blogger for any and all your blogs. Demonstration of Jetpack for use with WordPress for syndication to Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus Tumbr. Jetpack is universal and no cost. Lazy Blogger is no cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members. George provided a demonstration of this easy, time saving tool.

Sales Funnel Builder. Verifiable value added included service for Worldprofit Members. 7 current Sales Funnels are ready to go now. One Click activation. More Sales Funnels will be added as we hand select products.

Worldprofit’s Safelist Exchange. This is an optional service that allows you to be the list owner by owning your own Safelist Exchange. You pick your domain name, we set up your hosting, and take care of all the updates, and security. You can then start offering advertising at your Safelist including solo ads, banner ads, text ads, membership and so forth. George discussed the Safelist Exchange offered by Worldprofit. Why would you want your own Safelist? So YOU are the owner of the list and you can offer bonuses, offers at your Safelist, as well as promote your own programs, do ad swaps, affiliates etc. You can also sell products from the Home Business Shhow room that is preloaded with products already. Check your email for a Special Offer on the purchase of Worldprofit’s Safelist Exchange.

Promo Code Center: Some members aren’t aware of the Promo Code Center which allows you get free visitors from a number of sources.

Universal Bonus Builder: These are ad packages that Members can GIVE away to generate sales. Watch the HELP VIDEO to see how to benefit from this included resource.

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE home business bootcamp training presented by George Kosch. Your input, questions and feedback is always appreciated.

Next LIVE training is Friday Jan 22, 2016.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 8 January 2016

George started the training with a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Sales Champion for 2015, Linda Elze.

Training Topics covered in this training session

Bootcamp Training Lessons
Why it is so important to master the fundamentals of marketing so you can apply what you learn to ANY online business.
Leads and Lead Generation
Traffic Smarts
Promotion Essentials
The ENORMOUS importance of Offers
Using the tools and resources included in yuor membership to generate leads, follow up with leads, generate traffic and list build
Goal Setting
Growing your online business, one brick at a time.

Featured Worldprofit Tools

Worldprofit’s Landing Page Builder
Worldprofit’s Sales Funner Builder

What’s coming.

Lead Grabber
Worldprofit Banner Library

Monitor Training Meeting Saturday Jan 9th at 11 AM ET.
Interested in training to become a Monitor? Submit a Support form and we will send you details.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: We just added a 7th Sales Funnel for you!

Here’s something that will get your new year off to a great start! Another MONEY maker.

We recently added a SALES FUNNEL BUILDER for you!

Members are telling us they LOVE these! George has made it soooo easy for you!

One Click and you are ready to go! Really.

Sales Funnels are POWERFUL new money makers for you – keep 100% of what you earn!

Your cost for this new service? ZERO. You don’t pay one dime extra – it’s INCLUDED in your Membership.
Plus, you can USE the products included in the Sales Funnels at NO COST. These are awesome courses.

That’s not all!

Today we just added another Sales Funnel – now you have 7! Promote any or all of these to earn – or take these courses yourself at no cost.

Find the SALES FUNNEL BUILDER in your Member area, on TOP MENU click on WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then on SALES FUNNELS.
Watch the help video and get started IMMEDIATELY.

As so many of our Members tell us, they can’t think for one minute about giving up their Worldprofit Membership, they would lose too much! With the addition of these Sales Funnels you have yet another source of income and a list building tool.

If you missed the LIVE training with George Kosch on Friday Jan 1, here’s a link to the recording.

This is a good trainng video to watch to get you pumped about your business for the coming year.

Buckle down. Get focused. Get promoting! You can’t expect sales if you aren’t promoting.

Make sure you are the FISHERMAN and not the fish!


Next LIVE training is FRIDAY morning Jan 8th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET. Access is withing your Member area.

Make 2016 your best year yet for making money online! We’re here to help you all the way.

Home Business Bootcamp Newsletter By Worldprofit.com

Sales Funnel Builder and how it really can make you some quick cash

It’s incredible when you see how easy it is to setup a complete Sales Funnel for your 6 ready made products and OTO’s! Worldprofit’s system can’t be matched. No html, no cpanel, no hosting. Just ONE click and you are in business.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 1 January 2016

Review of Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp, Friday Jan 1, 2016 with George Kosch

Here is your 2016 Theme for Making Money Online.

If you want to earn consistent income, George Kosch emphasized the value of understanding you don’t want to be the FISH you want to be the FISHERMAN.
George’s amusing analogy will help you rethink your time and actions online.
Which end of the pole are you on?
The FISHERMAN earns a living while the FISH loses by getting caught miserably on hook after hook.
Understand this difference and use the resources included in your Worldprofit Membership to make 2016 your most profitable year online yet.
Successful and profitable marketers are the FISHERMAN.

Sales Funnel Builder
The positive feedback keeps coming in – you tell us you really like the Sales Funnels.
With ONE CLICK, honestly just ONE CLICK you can have these up and running to start earning.
You have access to 6 right now and more will be added as we find them. There is no cost for this service as long as you are a Silver or Platinum VIP Member.
Access: LEFT MENU of your Member area – under WEBSITE MANAGEMENT – select SALES FUNNEL BUILDER.

ULTIMATE LIST BUILDING TACTICS, this is George kosch’s latest ebook. ALL Silver and Platinum VIP Members get a free copy and can offer this ebook FREE to generate leads. If you don’t understand why building a list is so valuable and the KEY to your online earnings today, tommorrow and the rest of time – read this book.
If you don’t understand list building and it’s power you are wasting your time and losing sales, it’s that simple.
Get your free copy in the GOODY BAG. To access the landing pages to offer this book free for leads, look under AD EXAMPLES.

CONGRATULATIONS to… our newest Platinum VIP Members!

You made the smart business decision to get serious about making money online by upgrading from your basic Silver membership to our elite Platinum VIP Membership. For everyone who snatched up the upgrade offer, your commission upgrade now applies, and we’ve installed your extra software, VIP training courses, traffic injections, solo ad privileges, unlimited use autoresponder and our complete Video Suite of products. Now get busy promoting!


George offered a heartfelt THANK YOU to each of our Monitors. You filled the holiday hours without exception to share Worldprofit with our guests and help members of our community to make sales. You put a helpful face on Worldprofit by manning the LIVE Business Center, and we LOVE your faces! Keep up the great work. Saturday Monitor Training meeting will continue in 2016.

If anyone would like to join our Monitor team, all training is provided. You just need a headset so you speak to our guests and hear the other Monitors.
Interested? Submit a Support ticket and we will send you the details.

THANK YOU to all our Members for your suppport and enthusiasm over the last year for the work we do.

We want your 2016 to be your BEST YEAR yet for earning money online. We look forward to continuing to support and provide you with the BEST resources and training you have come to expect from Worldprofit. We’re working hard to continue to be your most valued online source for all the tools you need to earn consistent income at home. We enjoy what we do and we find tremendous reward in seeing you succeed!

We look forward to working with each of you for the next year to come. We have lots planned!

The next LIVE interactive home business bootcamp training is FRIDAY Jan 8th at 8 AM CT/ 9 AM ET.
If you don’t know what time that is in your part of the world, do a search on Google for a TIME ZONE CONVERTER.
All LIVE programs are also recorded for the convenience of our Members.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.