Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Pay Day. What you need to know.

It’s the 15th! That’s PAYDAY for our Worldprofit Members. Hooray!

Some of you made personal BESTS this month for sales commissions! Way to go! Keep promoting that’s the KEY to sales.

Some of you made your first sale – CONGRATULATIONS! You are on your way. More to come!

Some of you received new Volume Sales Bonuses – the more new sales you make the bigger the bonuses. Sweet!

Monitors who while on duty made sales for other Members of our community, you are AWESOME!
No other company offers this kind of 24 hour sales closing asistance. Monitors, your cash incentives for those sales was added to your commission total.

Now, if you are new to Worldprofit or just getting started, here’s what to do to start making your own sales commissions.

–> Login to your Member area and start the online bootcamp lessons. We teach you all about promotion, and provide you with the landing pages, the sales aids, recommended advertising sites and more. Master the basics of promotion and you can use those skills to promote ANY and ALL your online affiliate programs, your MLM, etc.

–> Attend either the LIVE weekly training on Fridays with George Kosch, OR, watch the recorded version.

–> If any Member needs help, or direction, has questions or concerns, submit a SUPPORT TICKET.
The link is on the TOP MENU, click on Support. Provide us with some details and we will get back to you ASAP.

Did you know this about your commissions?

Eligible commission is paid to you in US dollars. This is welcome news for Canadians and anyone from a country with fluctuating currency value.

1. Did you know you can request your earned commissions to be applied toward your membership cost?

Just submit a Support ticket 48 hours PRIOR to your payment due date and request that your commissions be applied toward your monthly payment.

2. You can also use your commission to purchase other Worldprofit services including leads, the CB Maximizer, Squueze Page Ninja, Blogs, FastTrack campaigns, Classifieds Plugin, the Stand Alone Safelist Exchange, even to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership, essentially any of the services and software we offer. You don’t have to worry about currency exchange, or bank fees, your US commission is a straight purchase of US priced goods and services. If you would like to do this, just submit a Support form with your purchase request so we can help you.

***When you apply commission toward your monthly payment or make a purchase, we also waive the $2.50 admin fee so 100% of your commission can be used.

3. If you have not yet provided your PayPal email address for commission payout do so right away!

4. Monitors. Your cash bonuses for sales made are added to your monthly commissions at month end.

5. Bonuses for New Sales Volumes are also added automatically to your Monthly Commission Report.
For more information on bonuses for new sales volume look in your Member area on LEFT menu select SALES and COMMISSIONS.

6. Platinum VIP Members, you do not need to submit a request for the higher commission rate, it is automatic when you upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership. The higher commission rate is effective the SAME DAY that you upgrade. Anyone who is not yet a Platinum VIP Member and would like to upgrade, simply submit a Support ticket with your request and we will provide details of all that is included.

7. A Special Note about commissions earned from be sure to login to your account there often and click on COMMISSIONS on TOP MENU to view the commissions you’ve earned from that site. Once you have earned commissions for that service, simply request your payout. There is NO minimum required amount for payout for commissions.

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