Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: We have a new Sales Champion!

Congratulations to Jeremiah Johnson – Worldprofit’s TOP SELLER for March 2015.

To each of you on the TOP 10 List, well done!

1. Jeremiah Johnson (Platinum VIP Member)
2. Linda Elze (Platinum VIP Member)
3. Howard Martell (Platinum VIP Member)
4. Ketura Wisdom (Silver Member)
5. Wallace Johnson (Platinum VIP Member)
6. Leo Laurent (Platinum VIP Member)
7. William Buck (Platinum VIP Member)
8. Carl Collymore (Silver Member)
9. Celena Barton (Platinum VIP Member)
10. Garrett L Hutsko (Platinum VIP Member)

If you didn’t make in on the top 10 list but made sales – AWESOME! You’re getting the hang of it.
Your commitment and focus is starting to produce results.

A BIG SHOUT out to Dr. Lant and our Monitor Team who helped close these sales in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center.

Not on the Top Sellers list?
No worries. We know you can do it.
Everything you need to start making sales is in your Member area.

1. Login to your Member area and dig into the training lessons.
2. Attend the LIVE training on Friday with George Kosch, or watch the recording.
3. Set time aside as often as you can to promote. The resources you need are in your Member area.
4. Need help? Submit a Support Ticket. The link is on the TOP MENU.
We are here 7 days a week to help YOU earn consistent money online.

Your Virtual Sales Assistant.

A clever tool used by Linda Elze, Howard Martell, Lisa Martiniuk and many of our Top Sellers – and it’s INCLUDED in your Membership at no extra cost.

Want to be successful? Do what other successful people do.

It’s a little known (but much-loved tool) called Worldprofit’s Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA).

Here’s what your Virtual Sales Assistant allows you to do:
(this is LESSON 105 in your Bootcamp Lessons)

1. You can enter a FOLLOW UP Date and queue an email letter to be sent on that date that includes an offer and a purchase link.
2. You can use the emails we have created already.
3. You can create your own customized emails for your own programs.
4. Stay on top of prospects who the timing may not be quite right now but may be interested in the near future.
5. Shortly, you will also have the option of sending an EMAIL letter, or a VIDEO Email, or an AUDIO email to your prospects.
6. Your Daily Prospect Manager Report that is emailed to you includes a section that summarizes your scheduled Virtual Sales Assistant Messages.
7. Your scheduled Follow up letters will be handled by your Virtual Sales Assistant saving you time, keeping you organized and making it easy for your prospects to order with a direct sales link.
8. You also get an ADMIN area where you can see an Activity Report for all your Letters to check if they are sent or queued and delete if necessary.

Application examples. (How this Worldprofit tool will help you grow your business in the real world.)

When you are talking to a prospect they might say, "I am very interested in Worldprofit’s program but I can’t do this until I get paid on the 25th." So you can enter into your Prospect Manager the date of follow up for this person and on that date, your Virtual Sales Assistant will send out an email with order link to that person.

As you know people in this industry will sometimes drop out of one program and try another. If your prospect tells you that they are in another program right now but they might look at Worldprofit later, you can set your Virtual Sales Assistant to send them a follow up email in 30 days, 45 days or other date you specify.

Perhaps one of your Dealers has to resign his or her Worldprofit Membership for personal or financial reasons but they tell you they will rejoin Worldprofit at a later day. You can enter this information into your Prospect manager and set your Virtual Sales Assistant to send a follow up email with purchase link on the date you specify.

Now, if you are involved in your own affiliate or MLM program, you can CUSTOMIZE the email letter and order links for your own programs. Just enter the details of the prospect the program of interest and the follow up date. Customize your follow up letter, select and save it and your Virtual Sales Assistant does the rest.

Your Worldprofit Virtual Sales Assistant helps you…

-organize your leads with important follow up details and dates so you never lose track of a prospect and possible sale!
-use if for your Worldprofit prospects by using the pre-written ready to go email letters
-use if for ANY of your other programs by using the customization option to write your own email letters
-add branding to your messages and personalization with the option to use standard email, VIDEO or AUDIO in your follow up emails.

Watch this BRIEF video that George Kosch has recorded for you so you can see how easy it is to use your Virtual Sales Assistant and how powerful this tool is for you to use.

Here’s how to access your Prospect Manager that INCLUDES your Virtual Sales Assistant.

1. On the TOP MENU in your Worldprofit Member area, select PROSPECTS.
2. Where you see your Prospects listed, click on VIEW beside the name of the person of interest.
3. When you have opened the record of that prospect, mid way down the page is a YELLOW menu, click where it says ALL ACTIONS.
4. There you will see the options available to you to use with your Virtual Sales Assistant.